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Mac will not recognise eGPU after power failure. "Error: synchronous call on workloop thread."

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Leovinus, Jun 29, 2020.

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  1. Leovinus

    Leovinus New Member

    My apartments power breaker was tripped as the Mac mini (2018 model year), OSX 10.15.5, and the eGPU, Core X with a PowerColor Radeon 5700 XT Red Dragon, was booting. After resetting the breaker for the apartment and rebooting the Mac and Core X the eGPU is no longer detected by the OS. It had been working flawlessly before. Symptoms are as follows:

    • Mac boots perfectly fine. All other thunderbolt devices are detected normally. (Every port has been tested to rule out a broken port or thunderbolt controller)
    • When plugging in the thunderbolt cable into the Core X its internal fan spins up as normal. It also spins down as normal when the cable is disconnected.
      • Since the graphics card has no fans running by default, it's not possible for me to tell if it is receiving power. Only the Core X fan spins.
    • When plugging in the eGPU, OSX's console gives off error messages viewable in the attached image. They cycle repeatedly until the device is unplugged.
    • For diagnosing purposes I've tried switching the graphics card BIOS (it has two) to check if one was bricked, but the problem persists.
    Has anyone had a similar issue?

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  2. Leovinus

    Leovinus New Member

    At the behest of a Reddit user I have taken the following steps to get more data on the issue:

    "Is the eGPU enclosure detected in System Report>Thunderbolt?" - In a sense, see attached image

    "Is the GPU card detected in System Report->Graphics Displays?" - No

    "Do you get the console messages when plugging in the eGPU without the GPU in the enclosure?" - Yes​

    I do not know what to make of this information however. Other than the fact that the GPU certainly isn't seen by the OS.

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