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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Euhvo, Mar 31, 2021.

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  1. Euhvo

    Euhvo New Member

    I got a a razer huntsman elite keyboard about a year ago. All that time and my media keys don't work, I already renamed the "Jamie T1" file to "Huntsman Elite" but it still doesn't work. Does anyone know to fix this? (I want to use the media keys for iTunes by the way)
  2. ale0506

    ale0506 New Member

    For me (Black widow elite) it seems to be a problem with synapse. Try turning it off an try the media keys.
  3. everBeigeJASPER745

    everBeigeJASPER745 New Member

    Yes, I agree, Black Widow Elite media keys only work if you don't use Razor Synapse. Seems pretty dumb that I bought this keyboard without knowing that major flaw.
  4. ale0506

    ale0506 New Member

    I got in touch with support and was able to fix the issue. In my case I had to go to device manager, delete the razer black widow drivers and restard my pc.
  5. m3Thf4c3

    m3Thf4c3 New Member

    Synapse can only control the primary sound output and the media player that runs via this hardware / driver, right?
    I hope that I'm just blind, because i dont find any other option to setup...
    Otherwise that would be pretty lousy if there is just one option : - /

    I would like to control itunes directly ...... especially the volume and play / pause. even if other players (youtube / soundcloud / vlc etc) are open in the background.

    - Blackwidow Elite
    - Win10
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