My battery blew up on my Razer Blade 15 - Advanced Model RTX

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Dirpubsaf, Nov 16, 2020.

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  1. Dirpubsaf

    Dirpubsaf New Member

    Like many other Razer owners, my battery on my Razer Blade 15 - Advanced Model RTX "swelled"/blew up.

    The frame of the key board is warped and the mouse pad is sticking up beyond the frame.

    And of course this happened only 4 months (122 days) after the warranty expired. Sheesh!
    The frustrating part is I paid $3,300.00 to get 16 months use of an expensive laptop!

    I guess I'll just suck it up and buy a new battery and hope it works. Can anyone tell me a reputable place where I can buy a replacement battery?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    04 right side view c .jpg 06 Lid c.jpg

    04 right side view c .jpg 06 Lid c.jpg
  2. isaiahgriego

    isaiahgriego New Member

    Same thing just happened to me today, so sad my is only 83 days past warranty. Never had this problem with a laptop before and some of mine are 10+ years old maybe it's a lithium thing. I've seen people on here have found replacements on Amazon that are working.

    If it's widespread enough we have grounds for a class-action
  3. dcrdev

    dcrdev New Member

    Gotta admit, this was something that concerned me when buying my 15 this year. Just out of curiosity - does the chassis return to normal, after the replacement, or is it permanently damaged?
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  4. Dirpubsaf

    Dirpubsaf New Member

    It has somewhat returned back to normal, but it is still bent to where the mouse pad nearest to the keys is up slightly and the part closest to the edge is recessed. So, it has definitely not returned back to its normal shape.

    And I have still yet to hear a single thing from Razer support in spite of numerous emails. They couldn't even bother themselves with telling me what battery I needed to buy for replacement!

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  5. isaiahgriego

    isaiahgriego New Member

    My chassis really didn't show signs of a bulge at least not that I noticed only thing I recall is that the mouse pad wouldn't click but I just thought it was dirty, only reason I opened the chassis was to upgrade the ssd. Now that the battery is out the mouse pad is back to normal. Probably should have opened it when the mousepad stopped clicking and probably would have been in the warranty window but I use keyboard and mouse mostly do didn't bother me
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  6. glitchedmac

    glitchedmac New Member

    Have the exact same issue. Razer Blade 15 2019 model. Under 2 years old, out of "limited warranty" and it's REALLY hard to get anyone on the line through support outside of this forum. My laptop housing appears to be permanently damaged. I've never had a laptop, especially one this expensive, last for such a short period of time. How is there no recall on these batteries?!
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  7. Dirpubsaf

    Dirpubsaf New Member


    There may in fact be a recall or they were discontinued. But since the laptop and battery are both made in China, we may never hear about it.

    And like you, I splurged for a very expensive laptop to have it only last 2 years is ridiculous!

    And the extremely poor support says volumes about the company! The day after your warranty expires, they refuse to communicate with you, albeit it was never very good under warranty anyway.
  8. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    We had this happen on some of our Razer 13" laptops also. I just bought new batteries and installed them. The same thing happened with my work Dell. According to my IT department, this happens all the time.
  9. Dirpubsaf

    Dirpubsaf New Member

    The biggest thing thing for me was lack of support. Razer wouldn't even tell me what battery model I needed to buy!
  10. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    When I contacted Razer support for a new battery, they pretty much said to mail in the laptop and they will give me a quote on the replacement cost later.
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  11. Dirpubsaf

    Dirpubsaf New Member

    Here is the link to buy a new battery. It's only been 3 months and so far so good. And it's fairly easy to replace.

    And video on how to do it.

    And as for Razer, I am done with them. I am tired of their lack of support and overpriced junk. I just bought a new Lenovo 9i and so far I love it. It's faster, lighter and hopefully will last longer than the Razer.
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  12. asivar

    asivar New Member

    I was in the same boat! I noticed my mouse pad was no longer working. Looked it up and sure enough the batter was bulging. The laptop is only 12 month 5 days old. Ordered a new one off Amazon installed it with no problems, but no the laptop will not wake up from going to sleep while connected to an external monitor.
  13. Bran187

    Bran187 New Member

    I got lucky. I noticed slight separation between the chassis and bottom lid just below the trackpad. Started to undo the panel, and after about two screws the the battery really started to expand nearly separating the panel before I could get the screws out.

    Battery was easily 2x+ the thickness it was supposed to be after I got the panel off. I have no idea how I managed to catch it and get it out without there being damage to the keyboard/trackpad area.
  14. xsf06

    xsf06 New Member

    Pretty irritated with this whole situation; paying a hefty amount for a laptop just for the battery to swell up to the point where it almost damages the chassis is insane. I missed the coverage of the limited warranty just by a few weeks. Really happy I noticed it was happening because of my inability to use the mousepad correctly. Thanks for the link Dirpubsaf.
  15. replytoash

    replytoash New Member

    I have a similar problem. The touchpad on my laptop is warped or curved and I cannot close my laptop at all. Also, the laptop becomes so hot that I might burn my leg. I have to use a USB stand with a fan in it to keep my laptop cool. I am very disappointed that I bought such an expensive laptop and it has not even been 1.5 years and the laptop is completely messed up.
    Could you please advise what could be done to fix it?


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  16. nviable

    nviable New Member

    Same boat. Although it's been almost 2 years. Laptop starter heating up a lot over the last month, didn't see any dust on it. Noticed the battery swell up yesterday. Best Buy couldn't help and suggested contacting Razer. Searches led me to this thread.
    Mad, but glad I'm not the only one with the problem. Thanks for the links to the compatible battery and the video.

    Can we get some reply from Razer regarding this though? We're buying expensive products.
    Hell I've been using Razer mice for over 8 years know.
  17. gstsdw

    gstsdw Well-Known Member

    Sadly I think I too am now experiencing some bulge (in the wrong area) - the trackpad is stiff and it almost feels like the palm rest is slightly raised. Guess I'm going to have to go the DIY route too. Frickin stinks! I really wish Razer would acknowledge this issue and offer FREE replacements like Apple has done in the past. I had a 2011 MBP that had a similar issue and Apple finally issued a system wide recall for that model and replaced the battery free of charge, even for out of warranty laptops. When you're paying this kind of money for a system, you'd expect it to come with some type of coverage. The limited warranty is rather scant. I wish @mltan could do something about these.
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