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Discussion in 'Audio' started by DeepCarmineroadhead308, Sep 2, 2021.

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  1. The Kaira Pro headset had been working very well with my Xbox Series X for a few months. However - I just bought a new gaming PC... And when the built-in Bluetooth wouldn't function on my PC... I bought the "Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10" that is specified in the Kaira Pro user manual.

    It won't connect, period. I have tried for two hours, scouring every corner of the internet before coming here to find another person had a thread describing the exact same issue. Of course - that thread from April won't allow any further replies and it had no help for the issue.

    Windows is up-to-date. Firmware is up-to-date on the Kaira Pro headset. Drivers are up-to-date on the Wireless Adapter for Windows 10. I can find no way to "unpair" the headset from my Series X. When you hold down the pairing/power button until it flashes (pairing mode)... It either turns on my Xbox for me, or (once the Series X is totally unplugged from power outlet) the headset stays in pairing mode forever. It will not connect to PC even after spending more money to buy the adapter.

    Xbox Wireless Controller can connect successfully to PC using the same Adapter. In addition to the obvious steps you take when trying to pair devices...I have tried "forgetting" every other Bluetooth device on the PC, restarting Windows, and then tried again. I am out of ideas.

    I do have surround sound speakers and a crumby Bluetooth headset (used for voice chat only) which I can use on the PC for now.... But I bought the gaming headset specifically so I could have both in one device, and I chose this model because it specifically told me I could switch between Xbox and PC... There is a review for the Kaira Pro online touting how easily the reviewer was able to switch between them.

    Any help is much appreciated from the Razer community here. Thank you.
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  2. BuffIOLITEbit924

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    turn off your xbox, restart your headset turn it back on. open your bt settings on your pc connect new device ,press and hold the BT button on your headset, wait for the headset to show up and connect. sadly you're going to run into a host of other issues, like most games not working in stereo if if you have discord or any program that needs to use your mic.
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    KungFuGrip New Member

    Some new firmware came out last week. Has anyone had a chance to try it to see if it fixes the issue with using bluetooth and game audio?
  4. This response is almost totally incorrect according to the instructions and my experience setting this up. When you connect the MS Wireless adapter it should connect on its own and install the drivers automatically. You can verify its there in device manager under wireless. There is a button on it that you need to hold it to pair it to the Kaira Pro headset and then it works properly......with crackling and distorted sound.
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