Nari Ultimate not connecting

Discussion in 'Audio' started by ItzDevs, Jun 18, 2021.

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  1. ItzDevs

    ItzDevs New Member

    I have my Nari Ultimate for about a year now it was always working fine but now whenever I want to use it wireless and I plug the usb dongle in my laptop/ps4 it just wont connect anymore. The light keeps blinking but it wont connect.

    I figured out that if I put something beneath it or give little pressure to it it does connect so it looks like the usb dongle cant be plugged in like it should be. Does anyone have the same problem or a solution? its quite annoying I cant really use it wireless anymore.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    Have you tried running our dongle pairing utility to try to recalibrate the connection of the transceivers? Do send me the serial number of the headset. I can use that to verify the model revalidate the warranty status. Let's go from there.

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