Need help binding different Chroma Studio effects to individual layers on Tartarus Pro

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by worldTealDeeraero268, Mar 6, 2020.

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  1. I bought a Razer Tartarus Pro (optical switches) and I created multiple keymap layers and chroma profiles via Synapse 3 to simplify my Adobe Illustrator shortcuts. My goal is to apply different colors to each of the 3 layers (Green, Yellow, and Purple) so I can easily recognize the keymap layer upon switching.

    Each of the 3 keymaps work fine and I'm able to confirm the switching works fine after each button press. However, the chroma lighting profiles do not change upon toggling between the 3 keymaps.

    I expected to see the Green, Yellow and Purple colors shift upon toggling each layered keymap.

    Here's summary of what I've done:

    1) Created a dedicated profile for Adobe Ilustrator - "AI - Profile" to group all settings

    2) Within the dedicated Adobe Illustrator profile, I created 3 layered Keymaps bound to respective keyboard shortcuts

    3) Within each keymap selected, I go to "Lighting", then "Chroma Studio" to apply each individual keymap's lighting effects

    4) I created dedicated chroma profiles for each of the 3 Keymap layers (3 chroma profiles in total)
    Chroma profile for Keymap Layer 1 - Green
    Chroma profile for Keymap Layer 2 - Yellow
    Chroma profile for Keymap Layer 3 - Purple

    Each of these chroma profiles are set to Green, Yellow, and Purple (respectively) via the "Static" effect. In addition I apply a White "Reactive" effect layer in each chroma profile so that a pressed key turns white.

    In addition to the 3 profiles, I created a 4th Chroma profile (Blue Static, White reactive) dedicated to the Hypershift sub layer under Keymap Layer 1.

    After confirming the 4 chroma profiles work in Chroma studio panel, I test it in Illustrator and unfortunately, only one chroma profile seems to be active (the most recent chroma profile I worked on).

    It doesn't cycle through Green, Yellow and Purple profiles upon keymap switching. Also the hypershift layer doesn't apply its own chroma profile.

    Does synapse 3 support chroma profile per keymap and its Hypershift sub layer?
    Am I missing a step? Or is this is not supported yet on Synapse 3?

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  2. okonietoperza

    okonietoperza Active Member

    There's no such thing as Chroma profile per keymap. Same like chroma profile doesn't bind to any specific device profile
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  3. OskarOchowiak

    OskarOchowiak New Member

    Cześć, Mam prośbę wysłałbyś mi potrzebne pliki do podłączenia yeelight do razer chroma na mail który ci podam jak odpiszesz proszę? Pozdrawiam
  4. OskarOchowiak

    OskarOchowiak New Member


    could you send me the yeelight files. Please?
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