Nommo Pro not syncing with Chroma connect (repost because the other got closed before it got solved)

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Masono, Jul 26, 2021.

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  1. Masono

    Masono New Member

    heres the other threads post: problem is as stated in the title i got my nommo pro but the light effect refuses to sync in with chroma connect with all the other things :/ evything aside the nommo syncs up fine its literally just the nommo that stays on its base glow cicle.

    things i know/tried:
    - happened fresh out of box (same for a friend that recently got a nommo)
    - light work fine with sync studio but not with connect
    - tried fresh installing all razer software: didnt help
    - even fresh installed windows: didnt help
    - tried on multiple pcs with the same outcome on any device.
    - have been told by multiple others they have the same issue and gave up on support because they werent helping
    - i also gave up on support after being asked for video footage of it which i dont have a cam/working cam on phone so i cant and apperently seeing it in action on the hardware is the only way they can help?

    also from someone else:
    Nope. I noticed they sync up and work just fine with the Chroma Visualizer via Spotify, a Chroma App connection, but just freeze on a color when running Wallpaper Engine, Outriders, or Divinity 2. I'll have to contact support on this as well as my phone has a camera.

    so i guess it only does this on a lot of things but not all? since i can also confirm: overwatch,opera gx, wallpaper engine, elder scrolls online, trover saves the universe & ffxiv chromatics having the same issue
  2. Razer.Xenon

    Razer.Xenon Retired

    Do you mind sharing your ticket number via PM? I can use that to review your previous interactions with our Support Team and get a better understanding of the situation. Let's pick it up from there.

    *Thread locked to curb the conversation to PMs.
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