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    Hi. Im really sad Razer discontinued the Razer Ouroboros. Best mouse i ever had (Except for Razer Mamba in the 90´s) Been working with computers for over 20 years and my mouse hand has taken a beating. Tried other ergonomic mice but the Ouroboros with the "pinkie-rest" is the best i had. I have pain in my finger joints and by having rests for both thumb and pinkie really eases the strain om my hand. Really hope you take it up for pruduction again or launch a successor. One big advantage compared to ex. the R.A.T, 9 mouse is the use of ordinanry AA batteries so you can charge one while using the other. R.A.T. had custom batteries and i couldnt buy replacements so you can only use it for as long as your batteries doesnt get to old and you cant manage a days work with 1 battery, whereas the Ouroboros can do 2 days between charges.
  2. I agree with you too, I miss my ouroboros (scroll and scroll clic don't work now) so I buy a mamba elite to replace it, but I miss 3 other things of the ourobos...
    - the third button (the big) on side
    - can set the mouse the slide and the angle to fit hand
    - and the fins (not for the look), but I appreciate to can rest the thumb on it without impeding slide and movement of the mouse
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