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paid to play mobile games

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by brokeboish, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. brokeboish

    brokeboish New Member

    why does razer promote shit games like casino rollers and those instagram dumb games? what happened to for gamers by gamers? I'd rather they promote Angry Birds over those games
  2. I think you shouldn't have done that. You can make good money with an online casino now. But of course, not with everyone, and here you have to be strictly selected. So you don't get caught up with crooks. I agree with that. My opinion is that online casinos can be completely different and there is no way to say that any of them are good or bad. But most of the looters are still those, or slot machines put with spinning 100% failure or just do not withdraw money. That's why I recommend thinking before playing. I'm still here. I'm still paying. I've already picked up the direction. I try to take the slot machines and slots are sharpened to the masses. consumer, so they are already as loaded as possible to give jacks more often than rarely visited machines. It's all important to consider, too. Crumbs and crumbs are going to win. If you create your own tactics and strategy, you can win there, the main thing is not to play!
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