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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by homefrontRoastCoffee726, Aug 10, 2019.

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  1. I've recently submitted my Razer Blade for repairs & I got the quote outlining the cost for repairs. It's been over 48hrs since I've signed & sent this back & have STILL NOT RECEIVED any information on how to make payment for the repairs.

    I've tried calling customer support, I've tried emailing & even contact through social media. Everyone has told me they'll get them to send the link same day or they'll look into it. Nobody can seem to help or give me an idea when I'll be able to pay for my repairs it's like they don't want money?

    Has anyone else had terrible customer service & been left in the dark with getting repairs done?
  2. Razer.RedPanda

    Razer.RedPanda Guardian of the Forest Staff Member

    Hi there! I'd like to take a look at this. Please PM me the case number. I'll pick it up from there.
  3. Last night i've finally revived the invoice to make payment for the laptop however my issue that i've been told by the support team on the phone they'll email the repair shop thats got my laptop & advise them to commence repairs. I checked with the shop on the time to complete repairs & they've advised they haven't received any authority to proceed. I followed up with the support team & they advised me that what i was told was wrong & the back office are the only ones who can send it. so do i now have to wait a week for this back office team who are the only ones apparently who can do everything & the only ones with authority to send the email to the repair shop?

    I've been mislead throughout this whole process from being told repairs would only cost between $400-$500 which have blown to $742, told that it would take a week to get the repairs done & sent back & told ill have link to make payment for the repairs in an hour which has taken almost a week.

    This whole experience has left a very bad taste & if this is what i have to look forward to for any future repairs then i'll be avoiding razer products all together.

    Sure ill PM you the case number but at this stage i have no faith in your customer support & this brand at this stage especially since looking to see if anyone else has had this level of support.
  4. Razer.RedPanda

    Razer.RedPanda Guardian of the Forest Staff Member

    Thanks for the reply. I have responded to your PM. Let's continue there.
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