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Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Cloudlvl99, Dec 2, 2021.

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  1. Cloudlvl99

    Cloudlvl99 New Member

    Hello, been having issues trying to recharge. I've tried buying with card, paypal, buying a pin for $100 through the actual razer website. All of those has been declined or I've been getting the 'Failed to reload' after entering my pin from the $100 card. I've been trying to talk to support about it but it feels like i'm just running around in circles with them. Anyone else have the failed to reload issue? How were you able to start recharging?

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  2. Cloudlvl99

    Cloudlvl99 New Member

    This is what happens when I try to reload, no matter the method

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  3. Gmoney79

    Gmoney79 New Member

    I get the same issue, you ever figure it out?
  4. rtantunes088

    rtantunes088 New Member

    Hi, can you help me? I bought a Razer BlackShark V2X last week, but I have problems. I can hear everything right, but when I get to the Razer 7.1 suround the 7.1 option doesn't appear on the audio outputs, do you know how I can make it appear?
  6. Dr.Bashbash

    Dr.Bashbash New Member

    i purchase from a store in Jerusalem paying cash not from Razer gold site because of temporary issue in my credit card ,he sent me code without the serial and its not working to top up my bigo account, using code and order number would i be able to extract the serial number? It would be much appreciated if anyone can help
  7. VitaeofAndrax

    VitaeofAndrax New Member

    Having the same issue, guess razor gold is not accepting Mastercard or Paypal now. After 2 successful recharges, its a <<Failed to Reload>>. Every Single Time.

    I mean for direct purchases to Mihoyo works. Wasted $50 worth of razor gold here to prove that direct purchases work while razor gold one doesnt
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  8. BenanaBred435

    BenanaBred435 New Member

    I've been going back and forth on this error with Razer support for like 2 months, and they legit have no answer or solution to this.
  9. Zimaronn

    Zimaronn New Member

    Same with me, I've been going in circles with support for over 2 months and zero resolution to this. They don't seem to acknowledge it's an actual issue. I never get to even enter my credit info so it's 100% on their end.
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