problem with razer 7.1 surround sound app.. it will not display on my pc just sits in taskbar..

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Brett_, Jan 18, 2022.

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  1. Brett_

    Brett_ New Member

    razer 7.1 app will not display on pc, i installed the app followed the directions on how to set it up, i login to the app but it doesnt do anything else from there, i launch the app login, then it just sits in my task bar an will not display, i have ran every windows diagnostics on my pc to try fixing any windows cache issues, also ran clean boot, an few other windows commands, it still does not fix the issue, now i have uninstalled this app countless times an it still does not fix the issue, when i reinstall it, now on top of this i have tested this on my windows laptop an it works no issues at all, yet when i try using it on my main desktop computer it will not offer an option to change audio for it in the app it does not show any option to activate the app or any menu at all it just sits inside my task bar doing nothing... how do i fix this... this is upsurd that this is the only app that is causing an issue on my windows pc...
  2. JammedWheel2141

    JammedWheel2141 New Member

    Hey there fellow gamer! I'm pretty new to this but I hope I can help you. What you can try is deleting and reinstalling the software once more, try to contact Razer support. Hope I could be of help.
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