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[Product Suggestion] Win The Entuhsiats Hearts

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by GamerCobra2005, Mar 5, 2020.

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  1. GamerCobra2005

    GamerCobra2005 New Member

    Before I start this, I want to say GG on the Viper Mini, Damn, that's a market breaking mouse in my opinion.

    I made a forum account especially for this - Razer is my favorite "gaming" company, I want them to win the heart of every keyboard enthusiast out there.
    I've been a member of many tech and hardware communities in the past year, took a part in many discussions, and most important - learned a lot!
    I'll do my best to suggest a product that will help Razer claim the throne as the best keyboard provider.

    Most of the people say that SteelSeries is the owner of the best keyboard in the market - their Apex Pro if I recall correctly.
    I think it is overrated, overpriced and gimmicky - no offense to SteelSeries, I think they're a great company, but their marketing is just so good, that they will never need to put something innovative or high quality to sell their products.

    Suggestion :
    At first, I suggest teaming up with Drop, if possible, they make great products and could provide a great variety of upgrades and uniqueness to the keyboard.
    My main focus here is to design a keyboard that looks good, functions well, and cuts costs without sacrificing too much quality.

    You'd want to use full PBT keycaps - lets cut the gimmicks and invest in the thing which is responsible for a huge chunk of the user experience for the keyboard.

    You've got a huge advantage there - you've already got a PBT keycap set, use it as the standard set.
    If you can team up with Drop, GMK Mods should add a lot of what every enthusiast loves.

    One last very important note in the keycaps area - DO NOT pull a Corsair, use standard profile keycaps and switches, upgradability is a must in the enthusiasm area - you are not gonna make someone throw out a GMK keycap set which was bought for more than one hundred dollars because some keycaps won't fit the switches or collied with others.

    That said - you now know our next topic.

    I'm once again going back to the topic of teaming up with Drop, They have got a great option :
    Holy Pandas - the holy grail of mechanical switches, these tactile switches are known and talked everywhere in the enthusiast communities, they are very expensive, an OEM of the panda would be great, as long as you, somehow, manage to keep it affordable.

    Keep in mind, there are very split opinions on these, I would not recommend using these.
    Retail Price: 1$/switch

    Another option would be the ZealPc Zealios V2:
    these are also very popular enthusiast switches, coming in four different variants of actuation force (62g, 65g, 67g, 72g), these tactile switches will surely beat any "laser switch" in their feel.
    Retail Price: 1$/Switch

    One less expensive suggestion would be the Kalih Box Switches:
    Insanely common among budget custom keyboard builders, these great switches are priced nicely and come in four different variants:
    Kalih Box Red and Black are the linear switches in the product line, while the difference between these is the force required to press them, the black being the heavier switch.
    The Kalih Box Brown switch is the tactile one among their switches line.
    To finish off the line, we have the Kalih Box White, a great, very popular clicky switch.

    One thing you might have noticed is the similarity to the very popular cherry switches in their naming scheme - the only difference is Cherry Blues are parallel to Box Whites.
    The Kalih Box line is my favorite since it would not confuse the average customer too much!
    Retail Price 3$/10 Switches (0.33$/Switch) (@NovelKeys)

    Honorable Mentions:
    Tealios v2 (1$/Switch) (@ZealPC)
    Gateron Yellows (2.4$/10 Switches) (@NovelKeys)
    Outemu Silent Skys (0.6$-0.55$/Switch) (

    Although these are my suggestions, there are still many switches to explore, and ideas to improve, my suggestion is you look at other options in different sites I will list below, so you can be sure you pick the right switch, or switches, for this keyboard, as that is something you don't wanna mess up!

    @NovelKeys @Drop @KBDFans @ZealPC @MechanicalKeyboards

    This should not be complicated, a 61 key PCB would do the job, I'll list everything that should make it great :
    • Universal 60% layout
    • Detachable USB-C cable
    • Can't go wrong with a hot-swap PCB
    • RGB (Razer Chroma compatible, of course)
    • Cherry stabilizers
    I think community users can provide some more suggestions here.

    Plate :
    Aluminum or Brass plate should do the job. Any plate should.
    Just make sure there is a plate.

    Case :
    Although I don't think it is possible for reasons I probably don't know, I suggest shipping the keyboard in four different cases.
    • The Expensive: Frosted Acrylic RGB Case (Example)
    • The Unique: Wooden Themed Case (Example)
    • The Simple: Aluminum Case (Example)
    • The Budget Case: Colored Plastic Case (Example)
    The Expensive Pick:
    Frosted acrylic keyboard cases have been around for a very long time and are a very popular pick - they combine RGB bling and specialty in a great way, although might be over the top for some, this is your greatest bet against SteelSeries's OLED Display.

    The Unique Pick:
    The wooden themed case would be great for many people, it will match with a theme of many gaming setups in my opinion, and you will be the first to make a keyboard with a case of this kind - everyone who has a wooden themed setup and is hesitating on building a custom keyboard will consider this heavily.

    The Simple Pick:
    No RGB, no cheap materials too, a good, heavily built, quality aluminum case, for the simple guys among your customers.

    The Budget Pick:
    Yes, it would be low quality, but some people just want to save, and this is a great case for it, a 15$ case can cut costs a lot, even though I would have invested in a better case, it is budget dependent.

    Other Ideas That Come To Mind:
    • A good idea might be to add lubricant as an add-on for those willing to pay a premium.
    • Wrist rests are great but aren't a necessity, I honestly think the keyboard should ship without them to cut costs, but you should make official ones for it, in case some do want them. (Maybe even ones that will match the cases!)


    This keyboard should be a better Ducky One 2 Mini, with the razer marketing and branding, combined with the fact it will be appealing for most enthusiasts, should break the market. It won't fail.
    Keep in mind I'm a person, with opinions, so any advice to improve my suggestion would be embraced!
    When it comes to pricing, the keyboard should cost less than the Apex Pro TKL (currently 179$).
    To get a more accurate value, let's see how much this keyboard would cost to custom build:
    30$ (Keycaps) + 21$ (70 Kalih Box Switches) + 15$ (Plastic Case) + 55$ (PCB - used the Dz60rgb v2 for reference) + 18$ (Plate) = 139$.

    The keyboard with the cheapest options SHOULD NOT go above 139$.

    Now for the expensive pick:
    30$ (Keycaps) + 70$ (70 Zealios Switches) + 88$ (Frosted Acrylic Case) + 55$ (PCB - used the Dz60rgb v2 for reference) + 18$ (Plate) = 261$.

    This seems too expensive, but we're talking about an insanely premium case and zealios switches - most people would call it a day for the rest of their life buying a keyboard like this.
    although, it still seems too expensive, so, let's make some changes:

    30$ (Keycaps) + 39$ (Outemu Silent Sky 68g Switches) + 45$ (Colored Aluminum Case) + 55$ (Dz60rgb v2) + 18$ (Plate) = 187$.

    Yes, this is it, a keyboard with great, unique switches, a quality, yet
    simplistic case, PBT keycaps, a great PCB and a plate.

    Though I still think the keyboard should ship with different cases and switches varieties, this is the right way to look, this is what people in the enthusiast market actually want.

    Thanks for reading, and good luck with your business, keep listening to customers like in the past few months!
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  2. RazerQuis

    RazerQuis Team Chroma Staff Member

    Thanks for the feedback GamerCobra2005! I've sent you a private message as I want to discuss more via email :)
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  3. Tysean

    Tysean Member

    Switches must be immune to chatter. Otherwise many keyboards will be returned or repaired because of some switches that develop chatter in time.

    Therefore, Optical Switches must be used because they are immune to chatter.
    But there is a problem here because Razer only has 2 kinds of optical switches and both are problematic.

    Red Linear Optical Switch: Excellent feeling, super smooth switch but unfortunately the actuation point is too high causing too many typos.
    Either a new version with lower actuation point must be introduced or rather an "adjustable" actuation point linear optical switch must be introduced.
    With current state of this red linear optical switch, you can't win the enthusiast or non-gamer crowd. They actuate way too early causing too many typos.
    (And what the hell with this stupid "Optical Switches are faster" claim/advertisement ? Stop using that claim. It is lame and childish. Introduce your optical switches' true strength as being IMMUNE to chatter and ditch all normal switches in your keyboards and switch to using optical switches. This will increase your company's prestige among many other keyboard manufacturers because your mechanical keyboards won't be returned or repaired because of some keys developing double press or chatter issue.)

    Purple Clicky Optical Switch: It's actuation point is somewhat fine but the way the click is produced is problematic. You should have used click bar method instead of click jacket method in your clicky optical switch.
    The switch feels grainy, scratchy, uninteresting, boring and does not give a satisfactory feel when typing. Definitely click bar method must be used to produce the click.. Click bar method is definitely more crisp, snappy and satisfactory.

    Also: A good tactile (but not clicky) optical switch must be introduced in order to win more of the enthusiast and non-gamer crowd. Razer definitely have to study Holy Pandas and create the optical version of it.

    All other things in your LK Gen3 optical switches are fine I think. Each switch having a dedicated stabilizer is a cool thing and makes the switches less wobbly no problem on that. However you may want to work on noise issue on your linear optical switched keyboards because they are criticised as being a little bit loud.

    I have been using Razer Huntsman for a year now and recently using Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition for a while and didn't use any other keyboard since I bought my Huntsman.
    The Huntsman has the clicky purple optical switch whereas the Huntsman Tournament Edition has the red linear optical switches. (They are both great keyboards especially in the reliability aspect because they use optical switches but I think TE is much better quality keyboard)
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