Query for click detection data of the RΛZΞR Viper V2 Pro

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Juripuco, Aug 2, 2022.

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  1. Juripuco

    Juripuco New Member

    This mouse has already come out in my country, and before buying it, I would like to know how its click detection is, since, taking responsibility for the loss of the mouse warranty, I plan to drag-click on it, ideally looking for a similarity with the detection of a mouse with 0ms. I clarify, do not recommend me the ROCCAT Kone Pro, or its wireless version, since I do not buy products that have not been officially released in my region.

    Having asked in "r/MouseReview" for drag-clicking detection (every mouse can drag-click, but only some can detect it decently), I received in "Messages" an answer from an employee, who confirmed the question for me, based on user reports of this mouse.

    I thought "Why didn't I ask about slam-clicking protection, if I asked about drag-clicking detection?", and contacting Razer, after good feedback from that employee, another employee answered me, and she didn't know that data, recommending me to look for information here, in Razer Insider.

    I would like to mention the protections of previous optical mice of this brand. The first was a delay (currently lowered to 5ms, when updating the firmware of these mice), which manifests itself when taking off the sensor from the mouse floor, and deactivates on landing (before it disappeared for another reason: by the first click of any main button). Something obvious, but I don't know what is the protection of this mouse, and I created this thread to consult this community, in which I have been before.

    I would appreciate leaving your comments to inform me about it.
Thread Status:
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