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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by robjs2020, Jul 12, 2021.

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    I have a Blade 15 2020 Base model. It seems that Windows 10 no longer supports the ability to automatically change the screen brightness based on whether the power supply is plugged in our not. Previously this could be set in Advanced Power Plan options but that option no longer exists. It was really useful as when I plug the charger in, I am happy for my screen brightness to be higher, but when unplugged I prefer to conserve battery and make the brightness lower. It is a pain to do this manually every time.

    I know Synapse has brightness settings for the laptop which be set to be different for plugged in vs on battery, but only for keyboard brightness. Is there another feature somewhere or has anyone found a way to have their brightness automatically change when plugging/unplugging the power supply?

  2. If you use battery saver mode in windows it will do this. Just search Windows settings for Battery Saver and check the "Lower screen brightness while in battery saver" box. When you unplug the system, click the battery taskbar icon and change to the lowest setting labeled "Battery Saver". Then if you plug back in it should go back to the previous plugged in setting. Then when you unplug again it should switch back to Battery Saver. If it doesn't you may have to manually select battery saver to dim the display, but it seems to remember the setting most of the time for me.
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    Hi PineGreenpulsedome340,

    Thanks for this. This does work with some caveats and some limitations:
    1) Battery saver impacts a bunch of other Windows standard processes as detailed here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/design/component-guidelines/battery-saver
    For example, it throttles apps (it seems it is possible to prevent that happening by manually setting each app to not get throttled). OneDrive would also pause syncing in Battery Saver mode, but there is an option to disable that behaviour in OneDrive settings. It seems other impacts cannot be turned off.
    2) Battery Saver must be set to be on all the time as opposed to the default 20% for this to work
    3) There is no way to customise by what degree the brightness decreases - it's a flat 30% decrease. The old way of doing this in the past allowed the user to choose exact brightness

    So while this is useful and I may use it, it's a workaround rather than a solution to the actual problem. I am not sure why Microsoft removed this functionality - "progress" I guess! I will carry on looking for other alternatives.

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