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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by NioViGan, Sep 27, 2019.

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  1. NioViGan

    NioViGan New Member


    >>>>>>>I'm not responsible if you brick your phone<<<<<<

    I did have the same issue reported by other owners of the razer phone 1

    After downloaded the update to android 9 pie, I did receive a fail message

    So what basically I did:

    I downloaded the official update from this site:

    I put the .zip on my SD card

    I actually have SDK on my PC so I rebooted the razer phone 1 on recovery mode, from there I went on update by SD

    I'm going to leave also here a little guide on how to do it


    This is what I did to update manually my razer phone

    I'm not responsible if you brick your phone
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  2. alleydirect112

    alleydirect112 New Member

    Thanks, helped me a lot.

    Also don't forget that you need a real type C cable to get into recovery mode... :mad_:
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