Razer 8k Mouse issues, certain games.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by PositivelyEzra, Sep 12, 2022.

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    This post is really for Razer themselves, as opposed to the community. I purchased a Razer 8k mouse in July. I had issues with it but just now getting around to asking for support. I am told that I am ineligible for support because I'm outside of the 2 year warranty window. This did not happen about 30 minutes ago when I tried for support but went to take a video as requested by Razer.

    The mouse is unusable in certain games. Gunfire Reborn and Division 2 are the games I have had issues with. When moving the mouse very slowly everything is fine, but when moving the mouse faster the game clips really bad and hangs before moving to the next frame ~2 seconds later and keeps clipping if you move fast. Move to a different mouse, problem disappears. Tried on another computer, same issue. Wired directly into the motherboard. I took a break to get a video. Now suddenly I'm "out of support window" and can't reach out to them in any way. I like the mouse, generally, but this makes it completely unusable in those games.
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    Is your Viper set to 8kHz polling rate?
    If yes - some games doesn't support it (yet). Check if it's still an issue on 4000Hz or 1000Hz polling rate.
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