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Razer and defective monitor issue

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by khyjoon, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. khyjoon

    khyjoon New Member

    Hello, I received a Razer blade 2019 model that was meant to have 144Hz capability but it only had 60Hz. After a long string of emails, they've determined that indeed my model was expected to have 144Hz but it did not, so I had to ship it back for repairs, which I've just done so yesterday.
    My question then is how long does this normally take? I need a laptop as soon as possible, and I'm wondering what has normally been done in cases like these? At the moment, I'm thinking it may be faster to just try and get a refund, so that I can just rebuy from Amazon prime 1-day delivery (which now is about a week due to Covid-19 delays I suppose).
    I really cannot wait around for a month or so for a laptop.
    The whole ordeal has been pretty frustrating as customer service has started to slow incredibly, and I had to already wait for a laptop that got delayed in shipping, and now I have to send my laptop back and wait again for it to come back, for an issue that was never my fault.
  2. khyjoon

    khyjoon New Member

    Apparently the laptop isn't defective as I was told by Razer initially, but I got sent the wrong laptop... I'm looking for a refund instead.
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