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Razer Blade 15 (2018) Battery.

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Fantasticdwarf2000, Oct 1, 2019.


Battery Life/capacity

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  1. Fantasticdwarf2000

    Fantasticdwarf2000 New Member

    Hi Razer community!

    So I have this razer blade laptop I bought and I have to say Great job by Razer and those who made this laptop architect. For the record I really hope you make this line up of laptops even better in future.

    But not everything can be perfect as much as many company wanted it to be.

    Example for the minority of people who bought the laptop the most issue of them all is Battery.

    in this case there is not much in area of developing better battery. The high top of battery is still Lithium in form of silicon.

    If there is a better way to get in longer life in battery these computer, Game changer!

    So my question. Is there a possibility to have your Razer blade battery recover it's Capacity or only way is to make the replacement for a new fresh one?
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  2. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    As far as I'm aware, there's no way to physically make your battery have more capacity than what it currently has, and of course over time, that's just going to get less and less.

    I know that with Apple computers, there is a way to re-calibrate your battery reading so that the system better reflects the time remaining and charge capacity, but I am unsure with Windows. I'll tag one of the guys who knows these systems a lot better than I do, just in case you're interested in something like that. Any input, @Joikansai ?

    But again, unforturnately, once battery life has decreased from time, you can't increase it again. You have to get a new battery to get that same time performance.
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  3. Fantasticdwarf2000

    Fantasticdwarf2000 New Member

    I have no idea if Razer them self sell the battery somewhere?
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  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Battery is wearing so you can’t make recovery to original capacity easily, maybe you’ve to having master degree in battery science, lol:big_grin_:
    However there’s a use tip for this new lithium battery.
    “the newer-generation lithium batteries do better in full charge cycles, so not letting it get below 40% is a good rule of thumb there. And, you don’t want to leave it charging all the time for another main reason – doing so can overheat the battery in somemodels, which is the number one thing you want to avoid. That said, in many laptop models, once the battery is 100% charged, it will cut off the power supply to the battery, so keeping it charging is redundant after that point, and won’t harm the battery in most cases“
    Blade battery as well, it’ll cut the power after reach 100%. and personally I don’t care about plugging it all the Time on usage or sleep at Home. I don’t have battery issues since MacBook 2012 to Blade 2018, the most important thing imo on this kind of thin and light powerful laptops is to monitor and manage the temperature inside so it doesn’t wear the parts inside fast, like cleaning the fans areas to let it cool the system better.
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  5. Fantasticdwarf2000

    Fantasticdwarf2000 New Member

    So reason not get laptop below 40%?
    I can understand the cycle will be less but charging it again will increase more often.

    So doing from low say 10% then laptop normally start to say getting low on battery or if it is 20% I don't know.
    and you charging from 10 to 100 will decrease charging again but it will go for one hole cycle.

    So pretty much what are you gonna have option for is charging less for one cycle or charging more often for saving up like 20-30% of a cycle.

    some say 40% to 80 which in my mind does not make any sense. (Old laptops or other)

    what I only know about MacBook in other hand they use Lithium polymer work basically the same just in other method of kind?? have not got in to that 100% but they show how Polymer works in cycle/charging
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  6. DemerDRN

    DemerDRN New Member

    1. Be sure you're on EC 1.03 and BIOS 1.08
    2. PowerShell admin or cmd admin

    powercfg /batteryreport

    check the read out near top for:
    - Designed Capacity
    - Full Charge Capacity

    ie. my dead on arrival battery from factory "refurbished" read
    Designed Capacity: 80,219 mWh
    Full Charge Capacity: 39,193mWh
    = DEAD or one of the 2 cells in the RC30-0248 is defunctup

    if its full charge cap below 50% of designed, you'll need to purchase a new battery, I'm unsure of RazerCare's warranty of the Blade 15 (2018) Advanced's battery. I've only heard back from the stellar Razer.[legendary friends] here on the razer insider forum. Zero Response from my actual support ticket for over 3 weeks now.

    Shout outs to @Razer.SpeedCr0ss and @Razer.RedPanda
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  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yes, I’ve Blade 15 2018, MacBook Pro 2012 at home, they’re literally plugged all the time, forgot when I last unplugged it. But both (even MacBook maybe a lot less) still can run on battery power, Blade 15 I think still decent with some tweak (I use stealth and MBP13 2019 on the go for its better battery life and portability). I think Lenovo use that 80% charge limitation on some mode to avoiding over charge but as i mentioned above i don’t really care about it since my main attention is thermal and performance and don’t have any battery issues so far with those units (Blade 15 around 1,5 years, MacBook 6 years). Last time i tested the Blade 15 battery, with some tweaks I could manage similar battery life as day one (again because I rarely use it on battery power).
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