RAZER Blade 15 Base 2018 Completely Dead/No boot

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by everAzureWebColorpark073, Jul 21, 2021.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    First post on the forums. So I have a 15 inch Razer blade laptop Model: rz09-02705e76 that completely shut off on me randomly while just talking to buddies on discord yesterday. I bought this laptop back in January of 2019 and use primarily for travelling when I go out of town for work. And since I don't travel that much, it barely gets used. Anyway, I was just browsing the internet yesterday at the hotel, and the laptop completely shut off with no warning at all. It was plugged into to power and I tested multiple outlets in the room. I have had no luck powering it back on even after letting it sit all night. I tired the hard reset and all and have had no luck. Did some forum browsing and read that it might be a dead motherboard? Am I out of luck now that my warranty has expired? I barely have any hours of use on this thing and can't believe that it has already died on me. Any help/suggestions on things to try would be greatly appreciated as it seems I am at a dead end now :/
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    Does the LED indicator still light up when you try to power it on? Can you send me a short clip of what's happening so I can properly grasp the situation? For now, let's isolate the issue by following the steps on this link. In any case, we do offer repair service even for out-of-warranty devices. Should you want to give it a try, PM me the serial number of your laptop along with your mailing address so we can get the ticket started.

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