Razer Blade 15 Base (2018) Mouse touchpad stops working

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by PranavMin, Dec 30, 2018.

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  1. PranavMin

    PranavMin New Member

    So after around 10-20 minutes of using the laptop, right out of the box, the mouse will freeze. However, everything else acts normally. The keyboard works, and even an external mouse works. The only thing that stops is the touchpad. This was happening straight out of the box in win10, so I decided to try out a linux distro and the problem persists. The cause of it is never consistent, and I can't pin down what might be causing it. The only thing that fixes it is a reboot. On the positive side, though, I've gotten really good at using my keyboard for everything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (tab tab tab tab enter. tab tab tab tab enter. space space space space, wait no shift-space, ah there we go)

    I already went into the device manager and updated the drivers and even rolled them back, but nothing works.

    Any help or advice would be highly appreciated.
  2. Hi there, @PranavMin! Can you post a video of the said issue with your Razer Blade 15?
  3. PranavMin

    PranavMin New Member

    There's the video, but I'm not sure how much it helps. Lmk if you have any more questions.
  4. Thanks for the video. I sent you a PM regarding this matter. Please check your Inbox.
  5. xgunslinger1983x

    xgunslinger1983x New Member

    i'm having the exact same issue, what is the fix for it?
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