Razer Blade 15 Can't Run Basic Games

Discussion in 'Systems' started by RellikOrigins, May 15, 2021.

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  1. RellikOrigins

    RellikOrigins New Member

    Problem: I would love to know why my $3k plus laptop can't manage to play games without crashing. The thing can barely play old games like Half Life 2 or Dawn of War without heating up. Crisis games are crashing on low setting and COD Warzone can't finish a game without blowing up.

    Useless Fixes: I have already done basic fixes recommended by razer help like dialing back the gpu and other stuff. Yes, everything is up to date. I'm using a laptop cooling pad and have even played in a 60 degree room to keep the temp down. I'm cold, the laptop isn't even that hot, and the thing still crashes all the time.

    Potential Isssue: the only thing I can think of at this point is the laptop can't handle being upgraded (despite the site stating otherwise when I bought it). I upgraded the 16 RAM to 32 and added a 2Tb SSD hard drive.

    Specs: this is the 2019 Advanced version and is definitely beyond the warranty.
    Intel i7- 9750 6 Core
    RTX 2070 Max-Q
    FHD 240Hz screen
    16 GB RAM (now 32)
    256 GB SSD (now 2 TB)

    I really want this laptop to work since razer is a good brand and normal day-to-day stuff runs fine. The fact remains that I paid a ton for a high quality gaming laptop that can barely perform for more than an hour (maybe 2-3 on 15 year old games). I have no idea what to do and am open to recomendations.
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  2. -Mr.Nobody-

    -Mr.Nobody- Well-Known Member

    yo man i feel so sorry for what happen to you.
    if everything is up to date, i think the problem is from NVIDIA Control Panel.

    right click
    pick Nvidia control panel
    go to manage 3D settings
    for global settings tab choose auto select - and for program settings pick on program you wish to run smoothly, in this case the game that you like to play.
    for example COD MW WZ and then choose for graphic performance for this program to high performance NVIDIA processors.
    once you done click apply.

    now go to configure surround, physx - pick your 2070 max Q and check dedicated Physx

    let me know how it goes
  3. dudepare01

    dudepare01 Active Member

    get HWinfo, monitor parameters and see if anything interesting turns out....
  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Try use original 16gb ram, new ram sometime doesn’t work well with environment.
  5. RellikOrigins

    RellikOrigins New Member

    Wow! I think it worked. I'm not gonna jinx it by saying its fixed but I just got about an hour and a half in warzone and not too much heat buildup. I'll add these settings to my other games and hopefully it will have the same result. Thank you so much!

    For my own curious, noob level education. Any idea what the issue is? Is there just an issue with the integrated graphics and the 2070 switching or just not running optimally?
    Again, I appreciate the assistance.
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  6. -Mr.Nobody-

    -Mr.Nobody- Well-Known Member

    im glad it help :) yes the main issue is just on your integrated gpu and if its still not work there is other option after you finish the 1st step. such as running game as administrator. playing around with processor etc. thank god you dont have to go thru the hassle :D just with the 1st step it clear out. 1 more thing that you can do to increased your fps or if the game stuttering is to turn off your windows game mode

    how to turn off windows game mode :
    click on search bar
    and type game mode settings. and make sure its off.

    if you like to get more FPS 144 and up i can show you as well.
    anyway have fun :D
    maybe we can play sometimes :D
  7. RellikOrigins

    RellikOrigins New Member

    I think I jinxed it. I can get more play time and less heat, but the computer is still crashing. I did turn off game mode. Though it looks like I may have to go through the hassle :frown_:. On the positive side at least my pc isn't going to melt now.
  8. -Mr.Nobody-

    -Mr.Nobody- Well-Known Member

    what do you mean by crashed ? the game or the blade it self ?
  9. kid_nextdoor

    kid_nextdoor New Member

    hey man, I'm having the same issue and tried ur first step but didn't work for me because I couldn't even find the games on the list of apps... I have a brand new Razer Blade Base Model 2021 / i7/10750H / GeForce RTX 3070 and I just installed a couple of games and some like Mafia Definitive Edition and Far Cry 3 just crash randomly on the launch menu or a couple of seconds after I launch the game and the game just shuts down. I've been trying to fix it for days but I'm afraid of making it worse, some forums talk about DirectX issues with games running with DirectX 11 mostly older games but I couldn't find any reliable fix, and the ones I tried didn't work at all. I'm desperate at this point and the odd thing is GTA 5 and Heavy Rain are running just fine.
  10. -Mr.Nobody-

    -Mr.Nobody- Well-Known Member

    This problem not cause by your blade, its DirectX issue that cant run old game, its happen to my blade as well.
    so what i did was go thru

    NVIDIA Control panel
    chose manage 3D Settings
    and click on program settings tab
    1. select program to customized - pick the old game you wish to play
    2. change from global settings to integrated graphics card
    and then apply

    see if its work.

    some old game just wont work with newer devices with high end specs due to outdated version that is what causes crashed it happen to me most of the game that over 9 years old game

    and if thats still doesnt work,
    keep your NVIDIA Control panel open and select surround physx and select CPU and then apply

    lasting is to try the other way around
    on manage 3D settings use global and on surround physx used your GPU/CPU

    let me know how it goes

    playing with NVIDIA Settings can cause temporary graphic issue. if thats happen just put everything back as it should be and then apply
  11. kid_nextdoor

    kid_nextdoor New Member

    I´v done it a couple times just do be sure but with no positive results at all , just ended up getting everything back where it belong... Iv also tried to reset my pc a couple of times and nothing.... and now that Ive played for while I can confirme that every single game just end up crashing eventually after 5 minutes or 30 minutes... its colpletly random and Ive been receiving different errors and crash reports for each game , and ths happen with new and old games... ive tried GTA V, Red Dead 2, Far Cry 3, The Witcher 3, Payday 2, Cyberpunk 2077 and Fortnite and every single game just crashes randomly ... now some of the games that ive acctually could play smothly for a while are not even lauching proprely it just crashes once it opens. Im really upset t this point because my pc is brand new , got it two weeks ago and this crashes are driving me insane .... I already updated all my drivers a couple times and it did absolutly nothing I dont understand whats happening at this point...
  12. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    If it’s new and you didn’t do anything like upgrading its hardware that might occur incompatibility issues maybe it’s factory defect unit, most probably from what you described the gpu, di return it back for new system if you’re still on return windows or send it back for repair if it’s not.
  13. -Mr.Nobody-

    -Mr.Nobody- Well-Known Member

    i found new things that could possibly why this is happening. so i tried to play my old games. on your display settings instead of direct x try used OpenGL. i think this is what older games used to used
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