Razer Blade 15 for uni??

Discussion in 'Systems' started by stabbi, Jul 19, 2020.

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  1. stabbi

    stabbi New Member

    I'm going to university to do graphic design and i'm looking for a laptop, I've spent a few months just looking at different ones and i keep coming back to the Razer Blade 15 (base model), I would mostly be using the laptop for programs like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign while running spotify in the background, but I also would play games on my laptop too which is why I'm looking into this laptop still.

    I just want to know if this laptop is gonna last 3+ years and if is reliable enough for me to spend £1,700 on.
    Any information on this would be helpful, thankyou!!
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  2. DrWongKC

    DrWongKC New Member

    Hello, I haven't been able to post anywhere on this forum but I think that's because I have just joined. I'd like to talk about similar product the Razer Blade 15 Base 2020 with 4K resolution screen for my university.

    I'd like to ask with the RTX2070 MaxQ together with 4K resolution, may I know how long can I last on battery at most while using the 4k resolution screen? I read that using the 1080p screen, it lasts for about 4 hours, but now I'm curious about the 4k resolution battery life.

    Your help and answers will help me a lot. :) Thank you.
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  3. DrWongKC

    DrWongKC New Member

    Hello, I'm an IT student and an enthusiast in computers, I've built my own Custom PC. :)

    If you get the GTX1660 version on 1080p screen, it should last you at least 3 years, same goes to RTX 2060 or RTX2070 with 4k resolution. If you'd like to play games but do not need the high resolution, get a 1080p screen as your can play your games on higher settings. If however, you'd like the 4k resolution screen, then like me you'll need to consider the battery life and that you might have to play 4k resolution games on lowest settings. My desktop is an RTX2060 with a Dell 4k monitor, its 4k performance is on the entry level.

    All the models will last for more than 3 years for gaming, but for 4k resolution you'll be playing on lowest settings. For productivity like Adobe and InDesign, with or without Spotify, it is no problem and should last for as long as the laptop is working fine. 16GB of RAM is good enough too and can be upgraded in future if you begin multitasking a lot along with using these Adobe apps.

    Reviews have mentioned that its build quality is amazing but it's a fingerprint magnet. It's also prone to being scratched so do take care of it, as the paint will come off.

    A competitor that I was looking at was the XPS 15 2020 version, but it comes only with the GTX1660 GPU. For the same price, I could get this laptop with the RTX2070 MaxQ version, which is why I decided to consider this instead.

    Based on what you have shared about what you need, I don't see why you should not get this laptop. Also sorry about posting my stuff I just can't seem to start a new thread. Maybe because I do not own a Razer product yet.
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  4. KyleThomson

    KyleThomson New Member

    Thanks for the info. I was looking for a budget option.
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