Razer Blade Advanced 2019, hot in 1st half of charge from <25%

Discussion in 'Systems' started by the_flesh_that_hates, May 20, 2021.

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  1. Hey guys. I have a 2019 RBA, and I've owned it for a little over half a year now.

    The palmrest heats up a LOT if I have to charge it from almost-0%. Like occasionally it gets as hot or hotter than the bit above the keyboard and bottom plate. It heats up like this during the first half of its charge and starts to cool when it reaches 50% and above. It's pretty concerning as this is right around the battery area. I've powered it off and opened it up right as this was happening and there's no bloat, the battery itself is slightly warm to the touch. (Not sure how much it cooled). A tiny screw in the front seems to have ripped the plastic around the battery (about 1mm long).

    I don't keep it docked or on overnight, it's fully powered down and unplugged, and I don't leave it idling on the charger either. It usually hovers in the 70's under load which is usually just Photoshop. (both CPU and GPU) but due to a lack of sensors I can't check the battery's temp itself. Anyway after numerous claims of battery issues and even a few posts about small fires lately I've been kind of concerned with using my Blade at all since I use it on my lap or near me a lot.

    Is that kind of heat... normal? Is it ok for my battery or am I going to have an exploding blade on my hands too? I haven't had a real problem with it and I like the materials and aesthetics but after seeing so many issues I almost want to sell the thing.
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    It’s normal when battery charging on lower percentage would be hotter than higher capacity, I believe on phones and other devices as well. Blade laptops chassis act as heat dissipation so it might on some use case hot or warm. As long you don’t have battery swelling it’s fine to use your laptop and battery swelling on laptop is easily to notice especially on blade laptops where battery is placed under your trackpad, once it’s hard to click as usual it might on some degree have battery swelling. Using it on your lap as long it’s not demanding tasks like paperwork etc it’s fine on demanding tasks, the fans that placed right on the upper bottom areas need more room to intake the air putting it on your lap might interrupt the cooling system.
    Yes recently I saw post on Reddit about blade battery that made a fire but it’s literally first one I saw since it’s own blade back in 2015. Maybe OP is unlucky guy, keep using swollen battery is indeed a fire hazard, never experienced battery bloat my self and the longest blade currently is 2018 advanced that’s almost 3 years gaming usage. Unlike you I mostly use it on high battery percentage and always plugged on the wall since it’s literally my desktop, for on go I’ve Razer stealth and book 13.
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