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Razer Blade Advanced Early 2019 Camera *Lense* Issue. Need Replacement.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Bluegrass_94, Aug 13, 2020.

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  1. Bluegrass_94

    Bluegrass_94 New Member

    Hello! This is my first post to this forum so I hope this is in the right place. Im posting here because I basically have no where else to go. I've really loved my experience with this laptop so far. Its a RTX 2070 model. I've upgraded the SSD to 2tb, have 64GB of ram and have a WiFi 6 card, plus a new battery. But the problem I've been having with this laptop is that since day one I covered the camera with electrical tape like so many people do. But in the age of using Zoom and all that, Ive taken it off and was shocked to discover that the lense is horribly *horribly* blurry. Like hilariously and un-usably blurry. I've used all kinds of cleaners, alcohol based ones mostly using a q-tip. But nothing. Its like there is something behind the lense leading me to believe the camera needs replacing. It even made me think there was some kind of plastic cover over it from the factory that I never removed back when it was new, but nope. There's nothing obviously on it that I can tell. Does anyone know where I can get the replacement? It would seriously help me a ton!!
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