Razer Blade and Synapse Feedback

Discussion in 'Systems' started by easydirectOlive250, Jun 14, 2022.

  1. easydirectOlive250

    easydirectOlive250 New Member

    I will write it short and straight to the point.

    Issue: Laptop is overheating because of bad cooling settings.
    Solution: Allow people to create a fan curve in synapse or hire someone to do that.

    Issue: Synapse performance modes are bad. You can set Balanced and a Manual Fan speed, but when using custom, you can't select the fan speed and setting the CPU to medium doesn't do anything, it still runs at high clock speed
    Solution: Allow people to select the fan speed on custom settings, even better, add a fan curve.

    Issue: Bad fan exhaust
    Solution: Create a better lid that doesn't block the rear exhaust, many laptops do it, where the back is clearly open and can dump hot air instead blowing it onto a lid.
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    TheHOSSofSTEEL New Member

    I agree. I have seen many laptop brands do this. Having more control is always better in my opinion. I overclocked my PC by 1.2GHz so I'm at 4.8GHz and running stable while staying under 70°C and staying quiet. Seeing as laptops can't really be modified in cooling hardware. Have you tried looking in to 3rd party software for fan controls? I know some laptops allow fan control but it seems very limited when not on desktop.
  3. easydirectOlive250

    easydirectOlive250 New Member

    It is possible to set max fan speed via Synapse the issue is that when I'm playing games, I have NO issue letting the laptops fans run at full speed. Issue is when the CPU is hot, hot things break faster, especially laptops.

    Now I'm installing stuff and browsing while the laptop is still at full speed. Balanced mode values "noise" over "hardware safety" and this is in my eyes a no-go.

    I have 4x 3090 running Folding@Home for Cancer research etc. I want my laptop to last, I didn't pay 2.5k for it so it dies after the 1 year warranty.
  4. JernalinSadhoo

    JernalinSadhoo New Member

    Razer Synapse is absolutely terrible, hands down one of the worst RGB accessory software.

    The only thing it excels at is constantly locking up and freezing over minor commands.

    I've had times where Synapse locked up my entire Windows UI and I had to restart my computer (this still happens randomly).

    Synapse absolutely hates my Black Widow as it always locks up when I try to customize the lighting.

    None of my onboard memory profiles work, and it takes anywhere from 3-7 minutes to unfreeze when you try to change or delete any profiles.

    My tournament controller (a Razer product) isn't even compatible with Synapse for no reason whatsoever?

    It uses nearly 100MB of RAM just to have your peripherals ONE STATIC COLOR, if you're even able to successfully set the colors without the entire program freezing.

    Any action I take on this piece of software has a 70% chance of locking up and taking minutes to respond.

    I've tried clean installs, different versions, everything I can think of but the software just runs like total ass.

    When it auto-updates, good luck because your lighting will spaz out and it will take anywhere from 1-3 restarts until the program decides to behave correctly and let you use your computer.

    I have no clue how there are people out there claiming it works perfectly fine.
  5. easydirectOlive250

    easydirectOlive250 New Member

    It's made using Electron, electron isn't bad but people who don't know how to code will make an app terrible...
    Drivers should be lightweight so I don't understand why Electron...
  6. easydirectOlive250

    easydirectOlive250 New Member

    I have more money spent on Razer things than you and I'm not a die hard Razer Fan. I do like the innovation that razer does, like optical switches and others. There are also many issues with razer and synapse. For example razer locks down their stuff so you can't even play with it after saying "I don't need warranty" can't so a battery mod while the same mod is possible with most other mice including Logitech.
  7. BrendanJohnsonir

    BrendanJohnsonir New Member

    In 2019 I had to get a laptop real quick for a business trip and the 2019 Blade 15 was the only one in stock at Amazon. Ordered it received it the day after. Then the fun started, the first one arrived and the screen was faulty, it has such extreme backlight bleed that half of the screen was washed out grey. Can happen, shipped it back and ordered a second. This one I took with me on my business trip but it couldn't run from battery, it had a circuit issue (because it also couldn't run from the battery of the first unit). It would just shut down as soon as you unplugged the PSU cable even though it said it was 100% charged. This is mildly common issue unfortunately. Third one arrived and was okay. Used this one for about 11 months until I found it to start bloating. I shipped this one back to Amazon and received a refund. Amazon actually made a comment about it that it was common and that's why I would get a full refund 11 months after!
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