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Discussion in 'Systems' started by mothydula, Jul 15, 2019.

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  1. mothydula

    mothydula New Member

    Hey guys, I recently got a 2019 Razer blade stealth and my touchpad has been pretty inconsistent and weird. Clicking and dragging is a pain as a lot of the time, the mouse stops moving when my thumb is resting near the bottom of the pad and I have to lift my pointer finger constantly to get it to move again. And this is with two-finger gesters turned off. When they were turned on, things were worse. Things would zoom in and out and I would accidentally scroll, etc. Working with one finger works perfectly fine. It's just when I'm doing things that require a heavy amount of clicking and dragging and when I feel like resting my thumb on the touchpad that things get frustrating. This seems like a software thing, but I could be wrong. Anyone else dealing with this/has solutions.

    PS, I've tried the uninstalling and reinstalling drivers thing and things haven't gotten much better.
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  2. jza80a

    jza80a New Member

    I have this model laptop and also have issues with the touchpad, although they seem a bit different. My unit will stop touch input, becomes unresponsible periodically. It gets more pronounced when the unit warms up.
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  3. gambiting

    gambiting New Member

    Hi. Not exactly the same, but my touchpad wouldn't react to touch from time to time, mostly when gaming - I went to settings -> devices -> touchpad and changed the sensitivity from "medium" to "most sensitive" and the issue is completely gone for me, the touchpad works 100% of the time now. I think it was super aggressive palm rejection stopping it from recognizing input sometimes. Hope this helps you too!
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  4. jza80a

    jza80a New Member

    Thanks. I changed my setting as you described. A couple of hours in so far an it's fine. Will report back after further use to see how it's holding up
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  5. seems that if you use left hand, two finger scroll works very well. But if you use right hand then it starts to bug
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  6. svempasnake

    svempasnake New Member

    I'm having the issues mothydula describes; most annoying is that two finger scrolling tends to zoom. So I was happy to see this hint.

    Ok, I changed mine to most sensitive (it was on high sensivity, second in the list). Whoops! Now things got even worse, two finger scrolling became very zoomy. Then I tried setting it down to medium (third in the list). Voila, that seems to do the trick, in my case. Thanks a lot for hinting.
  7. svempasnake

    svempasnake New Member

    After some more time, I realized the above didn't really solve my problem with two finger scrolling. But after tweaking these two touchpad settings as well in Windows it seems to behave ok (ok-ish):

    Pinch zoom - unchecked
    Tap with two fingers to right click - unchecked
  8. ninjatron

    ninjatron New Member

    I have the same issue and changed setting and pretty much removed any conveniance gestures, which is crazy for a high spec laptop, my work computer which is a simple dell has perfect scrolling, which is way faster.
    is this a harware issue and so i can return the laptop as it really does ruin the experiance and i have no confidence im not going to click anything. I've even had to rever to using the arrow keys for scrolling which are even slower!

    Any word from Razer on this?

    Many thanks

    Edit - now it seems im dropping keys when typing!!
  9. I'm having the same problems. The trackpad seems to freeze up intermittently in the top center of the pad when it gets hot. I've tried all the suggestions listed above. Very frustrating! Scrolling and pinching seem fine for me.
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  10. ninjatron

    ninjatron New Member

    Hi Rubine, Razer arn't known for there quality consistancy so we have felt this. Unfortunate that RAZER is more infamous for terrible customer service - i guess our bad for taking the risk and thinking they may have had this sorted....

    No News to me from RAZER, please let me know if you have any?
  11. Phoenix_Shade

    Phoenix_Shade New Member

    Having the same issue - occasionally the trackpad randomly stops registering touches and the cursor can't be moved. It's really frustrating, and I don't really want to have to turn the sensitivity up too high to deal with it. Seems like a software issue.

    Could someone from Razer give us an update?
  12. Mr808

    Mr808 New Member

    Razer Blade 15" w 2080 user here. Spent $3000 4 months ago.

    The trackpad on the computer is terrible, which renders the computer unacceptable for any serious or professional use. During months I thought that there might be an issue with my trackpad but after reading reviews and forums a lot of people seem to have the same problems :slightly_sad:. At this point I have retired this computer and I use it only for very specific situations where is OK for me to use a mouse.

    I could write a book about how much time I have invested trying to solve it but if you made it here is because you have likely gone thru the same. Anyway, happy to discuss more in depth if somebody has doubts about going with this computer or not.
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  13. xc68000

    xc68000 New Member

    Not sure if any of you reinstalled windows recently, but i upgraded my blade 2019 with a new SSD and have been having touchpad issues ever since with palm rejection and typing. The touchpad uses the MS precision drivers and need about 8 to 10 registry entries to operate correctly. Mine were missing after the reinstall and I would like to see if anyone can post the correct values for the razer touchpad here. The blade has an offset trackpad so these values are very important for correct use of the driver.

    The entries are here:


    RAZER: I think even though your touchpad uses the MS drivers, you might should add a driver package for download that adds the correct registry values back to the system.
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  14. debugy2k

    debugy2k New Member

    I just go the Razer Blade Stealth 2019 GTX today. Booted up with the 512GB SSD and everything looked fine. Swapped in a brand new Samsung 2TB SSD and installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Home. No touchpad support even during installation and after install. Searching everywhere for ways to make it work again. Only way to have mouse support is using a USB/bluetooth mouse. Any ideas? What am I missing? All the Windows updates are done as well. Still no touchpad support.
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  15. Bruce.Anderson

    Bruce.Anderson New Member

    I'm right there with you debugy2k. Ever get it resolved? I've had a case open with RAZER for days now and they still haven't provided the drivers.
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