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Discussion in 'RazerStore Promotions' started by dekades, Jan 4, 2023.

  1. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Sorry to hear compañero :slightly_sad:
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  2. SylvanasMage

    SylvanasMage Well-Known Member

    I think you can see the 10$ discount everywhere on the Razer's shop page if you browse.
  3. SirJayDee

    SirJayDee Active Member

    Sounds like a no-brainer.
  4. poppacalypse

    poppacalypse Well-Known Member

    haha! there are probably a few stragglers here and there who aren't on the mailing list yet.

    doesn't hurt to post everywhere!
  5. kunkun2211

    kunkun2211 New Member

    I just bought the Razer Ornata V3 Keyboad and while playing FPS game with skill such as Apex and Naraka blade point I can't use Shift + W + Q for example. Just pressing one of these keys works but as soon as I need to use both it disables Q for some reason.
    for example,
    When I press Shift + W + Q, then Q is not recognized.

    When I press Shift + Q + W, then W is not recognized.

    Switched the USB port, no Profiles or Addons installed or selected, no alexa..
  6. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I already have enough RAZER stuff
  7. Anawilliam850

    Anawilliam850 Member

    Hi! whish i could be a new user :frown_:
  8. FramJamesgbc

    FramJamesgbc New Member

    I look at my e-mail this morning, and the next thing I know, "Razer ID: Email Verification" when I have absolutely no recollection of messing with Razer products in semi-recent history.
    Oh, and supposedly, the e-mail comes from Singapore, if my scanning over the fine print near the bottom of the e-mail turned up anything.
  9. Hokage85

    Hokage85 New Member

    How i can play game tembak ikan??
  10. poppacalypse

    poppacalypse Well-Known Member

    there can never be enough!
  11. Davidhelmer89

    Davidhelmer89 Member

    Tried joining a few times never got an email.
  12. george198011

    george198011 New Member

    The store not avaliable in my country!!!
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  15. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Just another one in few more weeks~~~
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