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Razer core Chroma : is this normal behavior or is my unit broken?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by awesomeMellowApricot265, Jun 5, 2019.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    First post here, sorry if my English is not perfect : not my first language.

    I have the razer stealth 2019 and i just got my egpu (razer core chroma, the latest one I think) and an rtx 2070.

    I think something is wrong with my unit : I want to ask the community if its behavior is normal, I cant seem to find the answer anywhere.

    Here is the problem : I carefully installed the RTX2070 inside the enclosure following the instructions. When i turn the core on via the power switch on the outside, I hear a faint fan noise, but there are no light/other fans turning on. It charges the stealth 2019 via cable, so the unit is not dead. The hub and ports also seem to work.

    I thought the RTX and lights would turn on only when connected to the laptop via TB3, so I plugged the cable into the laptop : the instructions says I should get a prompt from the TB3 app in windows asking me to "always allow connection" for the core, but I get no prompt : if I open the TB3 app manually, it shows nothing under "port 1".

    The device manager shows "Razer core chroma", so it seems the laptop can see the core (BTW, it says upon connection "this TB3 device might not work to its full potential" or something to that effect. The port is the TB3 one, not the other one, I checked ^^).

    I updated all drivers and the BIOS via the razer website, but still no luck.

    I will try everything but I wanted to know if my unit could be a defect.

    Has anyone had that problem? If so, is there a routine for potentially fixing it?

    In short :

    - Razer blade stealth 2019 and razer core chroma with RTX 2070.
    - Everything plugged in and turned on, but no lights or fans on the Core or RTX.
    - It can charge the laptop but that's all it does for now.
    - Core is not recognized by windows and the TB3 app, nothing appears. All drivers are up to date from the razer support/driver webpage.

    So if anyone feels they can help… A really big thank you in advance ;-) I am at a loss. I dont know if the unit is a defect or if this is a driver issue/something else software related.
  2. Razer.Lauriat

    Razer.Lauriat Title: Entitled

    Just to make sure this hasn't been missed, is your graphics driver fully updated? If no, you can use this link.
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