Razer Cortex System Booster vs. IObit Advanced SystemCare

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by AppleSuxx, Jan 4, 2019.


What made your system more responsive?

  1. Razer Cortex System Booster

  2. IObit Advanced SystemCare

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  1. AppleSuxx

    AppleSuxx New Member

    DISCLAIMER: I am just conducting an investigation and I have no intention of promoting IObit software here.

    Okay, so I just found that there are conflicting optimizations between these two softwares. (Applying the optimization on Razer will make IObit optimization status as "unoptimized" vice versa)
    They point out exact same settings which in my case were 3 (see screenshots for the setting names).
    I tried to apply both optimizations to my system to see the results. Surprisingly IObit Advanced SystemCare made my system more responsive and boot up faster as opposed to Razer which does the opposite. So that's why i am posting here If someone has the same result as me or is it just me that encounters this kind of problem.

    I don't know if these two companies are still related to each other particularly in this, but I know that the old Razer Game booster before it was integrated into Razer cortex which is now System Booster was or based from IObit's own game booster. If yes then i'm not sure why do they have different configurations.

    If someone can test this go post your result in the comments or in the poll, it would be highly appreciated and would help the community and possibly the developers will notice it. Thanks.

    Here are the screenshots for the conflicting settings. IObit marked them as "Unoptimized" and Razer "Not Optimized"

    IObit SystemCare Optimization 2.jpg IObit SystemCare Optimization.jpg Razer Cortex Sytem Booster Optimization 2.jpg Razer Cortex Sytem Booster Optimization.jpg
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  2. GameGH0ST

    GameGH0ST Active Member

    Having two of these programs installed and running their optimizations back-to-back would most likely mean that one program is interfering with the other.

    Both programs are probably pretty good individually.
  3. AppleSuxx

    AppleSuxx New Member

    Yeah I get your point but. What about those settings? They can just overwrite the existing value of the setting without interfering the other program just like the other program doesn't exists or is not installed in your pc.
  4. GameGH0ST

    GameGH0ST Active Member

    The point I'm making is that you should just choose one of these programs. Attempting to "benchmark" your pc when you are running these optimizations back-to-back on the same systems inherently does neither of these programs justice.

    Similar to having two separate antivirus. One interferes with the other. Just pick one.
  5. AppleSuxx

    AppleSuxx New Member

    The problem is I need both. Razer for rewards and stuff and IObit for the performance I mentioned in this thread and additional cleaning, defrag etc. Can't remove IObit because I don't know if I can retrieve my pro license.
    I had IObit first like about a year ago and i didn't notice a decline in performance until I applied the Razer recommended settings yesterday. Haven't tried Razer Cortex alone because of the IObit license I just mentioned.
  6. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    Well, you can disable automatic Game Booster in Cortex settings, if this is the issue. Other than that, you don't need to use Game or System booster if it doesn't fits your OS environment (for example, if it shows that the other booster is better).
  7. masterblaster

    masterblaster New Member

    IOBIT's Game Booster is Razer's Game Booster. IOBIT stopped updating their Game Booster once Razer's Game Booster development started.
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