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razer deathadder elite cable make resistance

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by flowEarthYellow562, Mar 23, 2019.

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  1. flowEarthYellow562

    flowEarthYellow562 New Member

    Cable on this mouse is so bad, it is constantly making resistance against my movement. I tried both razer bungees, one to which you just attach cable from the side and leave rest of you cable on the table. And one from which cable hanging from the height, which is worse imho. So annoying it is imposible to do little ajustments, because cable is making resistance.Also slides get worn out quickly, even i use microfiber cloth, to keep them clean to extend it's lifetime, after 1 time you sweat there are already spots on the mouse and than mouse is unuseable, do finally frictionless mouse. Also my ring finger is totaly overaching and i have no grip, i would have use mouse over 140mm at lenght and side 80mm at least. So annoying every mouse on the market is tiny. Do already frictioneless mouse, razer watch trolling on april, so do it!
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