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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by sharpHeliotropeGray507, May 24, 2019.

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  1. I was in the market for a phone this year. I was debating between a OnePlus 6T and a Razer phone 2 but the Razer had the allure of the 120hz refresh rate and when it went on sale for $500 i jumped at the chance to get it. I saw the reviews and was hyped to get it.

    I'll be honest. I was a little underwhelmed when i got it. It was heavier and thicker than i expected but i wrote it off to being more powerful and sturdy. I showed it off to anyone that would let me talk about it... and then the reboots started. At first I didnt notice them. i would feel my phone vibrate or i would notice that i had to put in my pin because it just rebooted. Then it would start freezing. I would go to power on my phone and it's doesn't turn on. So i have to hold down the power button until it finally reboots.

    At that point i thought OK, maybe i'm doing something wrong. let me reach out to tech support. I start a chat with Razer support and the first thing they ask me to do is reset my phone. I get it i work in tech, i get how that can fix a good amount of problems but you don't throw that out as the first option. If one of my users said their computer is getting a blue screen, i wouldn't recommend reimaging their computer immediately but whatever. It took me a while and i lost data because the backup messed up but i reset it, only for it not to make a difference.

    I start a chat again with Razer support to follow up on my issue. No other troubleshooting. They want to replaced the device. Fine, but they want me to send the phone into them. My primary phone, the only phone i have. I gave my old one away because i purchased a new one. I cannot do that.
    Their other option: For me to pay $800 up front so they can send me a phone and reimburse me when i send the defective one back.

    I paid $500 for the phone that started rebooting less than a month from when i purchased it. Razer the company i purchase it from, doesn't have the customer service understanding to realize you don't do this to your customers.

    I won't purchase another product from them. I'll be sure to warn anyone i know about this company, their products and customer service. I have a story that i'll continue to tell anytime i hear Razer brought up.

    I get it other companies might have this same policy of sending in your phone or putting down a deposit but i've only had this phone for less than a couple months. they should be more considerate of when their products miss the mark.
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    Hi there! This is not the experience that we want you to have. I'd like to know what happened. Can you PM the case number to me? I'll pick it up from there.
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