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Razer Focus+ 20K Sensor for Razer Deathadadder Mini + Viper Mini V2

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by SimselOr, Jun 30, 2020 at 1:21 AM.

  1. SimselOr

    SimselOr New Member

    Dear Razerteam:

    I write here for millions of Razer fans... We have been waiting for a Deathadadder Mini for almost 10 years. And now she comes with your worst sensor? Guys please release the mouse with a good sensor, the 3359 is with the high LOD an exclusion criteria... The LOD is way too high so even a driver or tape won't work...(modestly) We are in the year 2020! You have finally conquered the market again - now please bring both mice with the best sensor on the market (you surely have my money...).

    Razer Focus+ 20K Sensor for Razer Deathadder Mini + Viper Mini V2 is our dream and believe me, you will be on top of every list!

    To the community please simply agree! Thanks! :)

    (unfortunately the support does not react to my mails)

    A loyal Razerfan

    P.S. A wireless version would also be great of course :)
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