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Razer Nari Microphone problem

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by HawaiianHardbody, Aug 9, 2019.

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  1. HawaiianHardbody

    HawaiianHardbody New Member

    Went through numerous hours in tech support with Razer, Dell, and Windows. Uninstalling/reinstalling software and drivers countless times. Returned headset to store of purchase for another identical headset, plugged in, microphone worked normally. Next day, after unplugging USB wireless transceiver and plugging it back in, the microphone stopped working again. Rechecked all headset and microphone settings, all normal and no input from microphone. Returned the second headset to store of purchase for another identical headset, plugged in, and the microphone is working again! Unplugged the USB wireless transceiver (dongle) for streaming Netflix, then plugged in USB wireless transceiver for gaming and the microphone stopped working AGAIN!!

    Is there a way to reset the USB wireless transceiver, or a way to allow it to not mess up the microphone when unplugging the USB wireless transceiver?????????????????????????
  2. HawaiianHardbody

    HawaiianHardbody New Member

    This is how I fixed my Microphone:

    Open Razer Synapse
    Log Out of current Profile
    Sign in as Guest
    Go to Mic tab and Mute/turn Off Microphone using Synapse
    Power Off Headset
    Power On Headset
    Unmute Mic using the Headset Mute Button
    Test Microphone
  3. HawaiianHardbody

    HawaiianHardbody New Member

    Microphone STILL works, even after unplugging and reinserting USB wireless transceiver! Perhaps there is a glitch in the Synapse Profile??
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