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Razer Nari random buzz, microphone features not working as intended

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by aDNS1503, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. aDNS1503

    aDNS1503 New Member


    First and the most annoying bug is the random buzz that occurs with these headphones .
    I must admit that i bought the headphones in 20th December a i have started to use them from 25th ti`ll now.
    The issue occurred two days after i have started to use them , right after a synapse update .
    As i can see the issue is most common with THX spatial sound and it occurs most of the time almost instant if i try to change from stereo to surround and vice versa, but sometimes and mostly when i play Destiny 2 it randomly occurs without doing and changes in razer synapse .
    The buzz sounds like this :
    The buzz stops if you close the app the is currently running . In my case Destiny 2 or if i played with the surround/stereo option to change the sound option , just close the app the it is causing this for ex : youtube aka Google Chrome.
    I also found a walk around for this annoying buzz . If the buzz occurs i just go to "Sounds" from audio options , select the headphones properties and go to advanced and change the default format from 2 channel 16 bit ....(dvd quality) to 2 channel 16bit ...(cd quality ) and vice versa whenever the buzz occurs again .(see the attached file)

    Sometimes the buzz randomly occured just by changing in synapse some audio settings like voice clarity for ex.

    Second and the least annoying thing is microphone issues . If features like ambient noise reduction or voice clarity are enabled the guys on the other side hear me like i`m speaking from an old rusty phone and the mic auto cuts out from time to time making me sound like R2D2 from Star Wars Saga.
    Walk around for this was to disable all of those features .
    Besides that as everyone complains there is alot of background noise with these headphones for ex if i play music on youtube (not loud, at normal volume) the mic reads the music played in the headphones and sends it through so the guys on the voice chat can hear this .

    Looking at all of this it si definitely a software/firmware issue since the buzz occurs randomly or only when i modify something in synapse and the microphone issue is strictly related to synapse as well

    Kinda inadmissible for a pair of headphones that are worth 150 Euros .
    Before these i had the Razer Kraken 7.1 that were working as intended but the Razer Nari is a big disappointment concerning features and bugs .

    I called support but i was pushed around from peripherals to Software dpt and the other way around with no help at the end .
    Yes i reinstalled synapse (clean install as razer support instructed)
    Tried on another PC
    Tried without synapse - they work with no buzz (6 hours of constantly gameplay)
    Issue occurs on wireless since i have no intention on using them with a cable.(and no i do not want to test if they cause the same problems on cable - You have testers to do that!)

    Have a nice day and waiting for a future fix and a deeper investigation .
  2. aDNS1503

    aDNS1503 New Member

  3. Wirelex

    Wirelex New Member

    Hey, did you find a solution?
  4. FatKidWanderer

    FatKidWanderer Well-Known Member

    Hey, buddies! Did any of my co-staff try to reach you regarding your issues about your Razer Nari? If not, please send me a PM together with the serial number of your Razer Nari. Let's start from there.
  5. JanBarton

    JanBarton New Member

    Hello there!

    I have the same problem with my Razer Kraken TE. It's definitely caused by Synapse 3. I tried to uninstall it and the sound was clear, but when I installed it again, the sound started buzzing. I really hope they will repair the issue soon.

    Jan Barton
  6. aDNS1503

    aDNS1503 New Member

    Also regarding synapse 3.0 since i have installed it, all my razer devices lightning randomly flickers from time to time .
    Razer Mouse Mamba TE
    Razer Firefly hard edition
    Razer Nari

    Also i have a razer anasi keyboard which apparently works OK but it is not supported in synapse 3.0 and i dont have synapse 2.0 anymore to manage it
  7. aDNS1503

    aDNS1503 New Member

    I belive the lighting issue is also caused by synapse 3.0 because , before buying Razer nari i was managing all my razer devices with synapse 2.0 and i did not had any issues
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