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Razer Nari Ultimate - Horrible Cracking Noise

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by byteBlackBeanventure782, Feb 21, 2019.

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  1. Hey guys hopefully after some help regarding my Razer Nari Ultimate headset.

    When the volume is scrolled up onto the "Game" setting and its the default playback on the Sound Settings, i don't hear any music or volume from anything, all i get it a loud horrible clicking noise.

    I've only had this headset 2 weeks, it hasn't been dropped at all. After waking up and placing it straight on it suddenly did this clicking noise, is there a fix i can do? Or is the headset broken already.

  2. Southsc2

    Southsc2 New Member

  3. Is anyone even going to take a look into these issues, or just keep asking for Serial Numbers. Its a joke, i shouldn't be buying a £200 headset for it to not even work as intended.
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  4. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    Hi @byteBlackBeanventure782. Please test it on a smartphone using the 3.5mm jack to check if the headset still works. If it does, send me a PM so I can help you gather the necessary logs and have the Devs look into this.
  5. Bi0Hunter

    Bi0Hunter New Member

    I love my Razer products but this crackling problem is absolutely ridiculous along with fact that a fix just never seems to be on the horizon. I will be returning mine for sure and probably not ever buy a Razer headset again. Very poor service for a premium product.
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  6. Same issue.... The crackling is sooo bad... I see people complaining all over the internet but nothing seems to be done about it. I have been emailing back and forth with razer for WEEKS and they just keep saying they will look into it.... I even called them out because I got so frustrated with being ignored and they just stopped replying. Seem like they have NO intentions to fix this issue so whoever bought one is essentially screwed. The headset is worthless without 7.1 dual channel audio so It has been returned. Really really sad considering it was such a unique headset
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  7. NinjaPaul

    NinjaPaul New Member

    I have the same issue. Uninstalled Synapse and it works, reinstall and issue returns half way through installation. I'm sure a fix is possible as it's a SW issue not a HW. But I think I'll return it for the Steelseries Arctis Pro in case anything else comes up in the future.
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  8. Xter_

    Xter_ New Member

    Hello, everybody. I just bought the Razer NARI headphones and I have noises that creaking horrible in my headphones. Any ideas??
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  9. NinjaPaul

    NinjaPaul New Member

    Try uninstalling the Synapse App. I'm returning mine, as soon as I reinstall it starts again.
  10. Xter_

    Xter_ New Member

    I I have already uninstalled Razer Synapse 3 times and no results. the problem is that I have the Razer Mamba TE mouse and the Razer Firefly...
  11. Xter_

    Xter_ New Member

    I need Razer Synapse
  12. Xter_

    Xter_ New Member

    On my phone the headphone work with the jack cable
  13. Emailed support about this same issue, still happens (just far less often with synapse uninstalled) only on the game channel, and the popping is very loud and still happens if I turn my volume down so nothing is peaking. Even thought it happens randomly before an after audio cue, interacting with something (moving mouse, opening a web-page, etc) or while i'm doing actually nothing at all. Other than that I'll hear it disconnect from time to time (bc synapse [not installed anymore] would turn off all my chroma lighting effects whenever this happened) while the device is fully charged (or even charging) and within maybe 3 feet of the usb dongle. I'm watching this thread now and will try and update you guys on what kind of response I get.

    If it IS synapse causing the issue to occur I think i'll be done with Razer after I NEED to replace my keyboard / mouse, this isn't the first time synapse caused an issue with my computer and the fact that it's more or less forced on us to get the full effect of our items and ill optimized to do what it's suppose to do is really big design flaw and poor design and they obviously aren't concerned enough with it's users to try and fix as the last time I tried to use synapse was when I got my blackwidow tournament edition in like 2014 or so and synapse actually caused a application on my computer to just straight up not open, but since I didn't really utilize the one feature it had being macros for the five buttons they have specifically designed for it, I was able to do without. Figured years later when it was time to buy a new keyboard and mouse to celebrate my new rig that since everyone was obsessing over this new chroma branding that I to should have pretty looking colored keyboard / mouse lighting, and it seemed like nobody was experiencing issues having to be forced to run synapse to get the effects to work, but boy I couldn't be more wrong. Synapse just needs to go
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
  14. Bextacy

    Bextacy New Member

    I opened my new Nari wireless headphones and loaded up a game and it immediately crackled like mad.
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