Razer Phone 1 touch screen not wanting to be a TOUCHscreen 70% of the time

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by dailyMiddlePurple589, Sep 11, 2019.

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  1. This is a recurring problem i've had with my razer phone (the first one) since around april. Certain zones on my touch screen just 100% doesn't work. I've gone into developer settings to turn "show touches" on so that I can locate where it doesn't work and from what I can see, it's the very top right corner of the touchscreen (a 1cm x 1cm square) and an entire 2cm thick rectangular portion of the screen in line with the lock button. I've just had to try and avoid those areas on my screen but there are also times when the screen has an epileptic fit of random ghost touches in those areas when I press something. (the only way to stop it is to put the phone on sleep and wake it again)

    Another issue that began just yesterday is that when I try to press something anywhere on the screen, it initially doesn't register at all and I have to continuously drag my finger across the screen for a couple of seconds to, in a way, kick-start the touch screen.

    I feel like the screen is somehow deteriorating with new problems as time goes on. if any of you were able to help / have been in the same position, please hit me up as any help would be appreciated. I don't really have any background with troubleshooting or fixing phones and stuff so these are the things that i have been able to spot.
    (I'm also going to ignore the fact that Razer gave me a USBC to USBC cable that was defective enough to break on the morning after I bought the damn thing.)
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    I also have the same problem. It started 3 weeks ago while I was typing, some letters in a row (Z-M) are not very responsive. After a couple of days, that part has random ghost touches even if that part was touch once, then the screen starts to detect multiple ghost touch in the other parts of the screen, then the whole screen starts to become unresponsive. After a week, that part (Z-M part of keyboard) becomes unresponsive. Now, most of the parts of the screen has those ghost touch and I cannot operate the phone now properly.
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