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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Asten__, May 22, 2019.

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  1. Asten__

    Asten__ Active Member

    Greetings everyone!

    So a few months back i got myself a Razer Phone 1 - and I have to admit, even tough I never used android before, I really like the RP 1.
    So for those thinking about the phone, here are a few pointers to wether you might like it or not.

    Before starting , i want to thank everyone in this forum who helped me out when i started my android journey and gave someone with no android experience very good pointers where not to stumble on the way - thnx!

    What do i use this phone for: mostly music, gaming (elder scrolls: blades and heartstone), PIM stuff, signal instant messaging and some surfing as well as (obviously) calling people. Sometimes i watch youtube when commuting.

    So here are my experiences:

    Display: awesome, pertaining display image quality as well as the 120hz mode - animations are super smooth and it is a lot of fun to play on this phone.
    Sound: this actually surprised me the most: this virtual dolby surround stuff actually works for some games, it is a great experience if you use the internal speakers of the phone to play the game (i am not sure how well it works outside - i mostly play inside).
    Camera: Picture Quality is good but the shutter is a little bit too slow for my taste.
    battery: more on the so-so side. Depending on usage, but no more than 2-3 days without gaming, one day if you play elder scrolls blade a lot; to be honest tough - when compared to my iphone se running the same applications the RP1 battery is a lot better. Compared to a Samsung Galaxy A5, the RP1 seems to drain its battery more quickly.
    Wifi/Cell reception: never had any issues
    general OS feel: not at all what I expected or knew from other android phones - the experience is super smooth on the OS level, everything is totally snappy and fast, there is no bloatware or anything installed.
    You can root it - awesome!
    No security updates - there are rumors of a android 9 update for the RP1, but there are no more security updates since December 2018 - that is an issue (especially if you'd want to use it for work as well).

    I do have to note - i never had any hardware issues that ppl mentioned in the forum - till now, my phone is working flawlessly.

    So if you see it as a kinda gaming device with full gsm functionality - it really shines; for my taste it is a little too big for everyday use but then again the focus is gaming and there the screen size is cruicial. It somehow feels more like a small ipad mini for me than a phone.

    My tips for new android users (migrating from iphone):

    -) Poweramp lets you open itunes exported playlists (m3u8 format) on the phone and the playlists just work
    -) format the sd card as external storage
    -) outlook on android supports icloud natively and works pretty well (no address book integration for phone app tough via this route)
    -) you can migrate contacts via the google drive app from/on the iphone and then have them on your android phone after setup
    -) if you have enabled two-factor-auth for your icloud account, you can never disable it and you theoretically need an apple device for the rest of your life
    -) poweramp plays itunes bought songs
    -) forget google music

    Of course, this above just reflects my personal opinion and other ppl might have a different focus for their phone and thus evaluate or value thing completely different - that is fine, the above is just my personal opinion!
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Thanks that helps me a lot, over a year using Android I never understand this environment apparently. Good thing is there’s no every months update alerts unlike iOS lol, kind like RP1 and now RP2:smile_: Btw I like my RP1 as well, no issues whatsoever it’s lighter than RP2 I think due glass back but idk quite sure on Satin one apparently it’s same weight. RP2 cool feature is chroma Backlight logo (the only reason I sold my beloved RP1 Le lol), the only issue is that I scored chicken dinner less on RP2 somehow:wink_:
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