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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Razer.WolfPack, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Well-Known Member

    I know, right? Gettting my first Android phone (Razer Phone 1) in 2 days, when it arrives from Hong Kong, but this is out of stock in both the Australian and US stores. With Christmas just around the corner!
  2. mobilegames007

    mobilegames007 New Member

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  3. mobilegames007

    mobilegames007 New Member

    wow, what a hot game to play
    with a lot of action
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  5. Gonzo6o

    Gonzo6o New Member

    Why do people keep posting this every time I get a notification I get excited thinking this controller is in stock or something. Ugh!
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  6. xpsykongroo

    xpsykongroo New Member

    Damn son, thats lit
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  7. fe2ris

    fe2ris New Member

    Some controllers are just not working properly (lag, etc.) with some android games. I hope this one would work just fine considering the selling price.
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  8. Not sure they'll waist thier time with that. #Razerphone4ever
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