Razer Raiju/Tournament/Ultimate/Wolverine banned by Capcom

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by blacktesto, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. blacktesto

    blacktesto New Member

    Controllers designed for eSports, yet, new capcom rules doesnt allow us to use them anymore.

    Any customization beyond the capibilities of a standard PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 is not recommended.
    1. The maximum amount of attack command inputs is eight (8), and it is prohibited to assign the same command into multiple buttons. E.g., you cannot assign the same attacking command in two (2) different buttons. When using the controller with more than eight (8) attacking inputs, a player must take action to deactivate those inputs. The L3 and R3 buttons on DUALSHOCK 4 are the exceptions since these are not the attacking inputs.
    2. The maximum amount of directional command input is four (4), and it is prohibited to put the same command into multiple buttons. E.g., you cannot assign the same directional command in two (2) different buttons.
    3. When assigning a directional command to a button, instead of a Directional Button on DUALSHOCK™, directional lever or analog stick, it is called a move button. A controller can have both move button and a lever at simultaneously, however, the controller must give up the corresponding input on the lever . E.g. when you assign the upward action into a move button, you must lose the upward input with lever.
    4. A controller can have an analog stick along with Directional Buttons on DUALSHOCK™, a lever or direction buttons. However, the inputs from directional actions with analog stick must stay on analog. E.g. it is prohibited to convert mechanical ability of analog stick to lever or buttons.

    Time to ask for a refund, thx capcom.
  2. TigrisofSouls

    TigrisofSouls New Member

    As long as these extra buttons are unassigned the controller should do fine afaik.
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