Razer Raiju Ultimate Update please!!

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by PurpleHeart2811, Jan 13, 2019.

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  1. PurpleHeart2811

    PurpleHeart2811 New Member

    This Controller is just broken. I am now on Update 1.1 but its fucked. When i connect my Razer Tresher 7.1 to my PS4 its even more fucked.

    I can‘t play my games with this Controller.
    Help me guys. gg :eek_:
  2. NameAlwaysInUse

    NameAlwaysInUse New Member

    You can’t even play with 1.2 or 1.3.

    In my case (for two gamepads with the same issue) 1.2 was the „best“. But it was still not acceptable for a 200€ gamepad. Returned mine and bought a DS4 based Scuf.

    V1.3 https://dl.razer.com/drivers/Raiju Ultimate/win/RaijuUltimate_FirmwareUpdater_v1.03.01_r1.exe

    V1.02 http://dl.razerzone.com/drivers//Raiju Ultimate//win//RaijuUltimate_FirmwareUpdater_v1.02.00_r2.exe

    V1.01 https://dl.razerzone.com/drivers/Raiju Ultimate/win/RaijuUltimate_FirmwareUpdater_v1.01.00_r1.exe
  3. d3nson

    d3nson New Member

    i`m on update 1.2, there are lags on the stick. They fixed it with 1.3?
  4. NameAlwaysInUse

    NameAlwaysInUse New Member

    Nope, cause you have sporadic bigger lags which makes it unplayable.

    Best tested firmware was 1.2, but it was not really good.
  5. d3nson

    d3nson New Member

    This sucks! What is wrong with this guys? best tested Firmware lol i tried them all and no one is playable! Paid 200€ for shiat! thx bought some scuf i am out
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