Razer Ripsaw HD X PS5 Distorted screen

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by JunFu, Jan 30, 2021.


Have you all experienced this before?

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  1. JunFu

    JunFu New Member

    I just purchased the RipSaw for a week, tried to use either Razer RipSaw HDMI cable as input or PS5 HDMI cable as input, both experiencing the same issue. The output resolution from PS5 is HD 1920x1080. Changing it to 720p seems to solve the issue. (But I want to play it in HD?).

    It seems to be happening very often near the water in Astro's playroom.

    Can anyone assist me on this please?
  2. ADFLX

    ADFLX New Member

    I also experience that on my ps4 console...
    but for me it is distorted for whole screen and hang up...
  3. thecyclone

    thecyclone New Member

    hi razor im having the same problem on ps5 where the screen glitches in different colors while playing certain games i also updated the firmware and it stills happens i want to know a fix for the problem thank you
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