Razer Synapse and/or it associated processes stop Steam from joining friends games.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Mayhem296, Dec 27, 2020.

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  1. Mayhem296

    Mayhem296 New Member

    I have found that the Razer synapse and/or it's associated process/es have stopped me from right click joining people in my friends list on Steam.
    I know it is Razer software because after I shut down Razer then restarted steam the right click join option reappeared. To double make sure I ran Razer again and restarted steam to find it missing again.
    I have included 2 picture showing the difference.
    I will be uninstalling the Razer software until this is fixed.
    I searched for this issue on this forum but was unable to find it.
    I have a Razer Cynosa Chroma if that matters.
    If you require more information ask below, I will check this thread once per day.
    With Razer
    Without Razer
    This is a pretty HUGE glitch, you should work on it asap because choosing between Steam and Razer.. Steam wins hands down and I'm sure many people feel the same.

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