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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Rasorlol, Nov 21, 2021.

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  1. Rasorlol

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    Hello all,

    I recently purchased a Razer Naga Pro Wireless.
    The main reason I purchased this mouse was for the faceplates function, since I play mostly MMO and FPS games. Swapping plates makes this a no brainer.

    However, I also wanted to get my hands on with the macro recording functions for my MMO games to help with some minor quality of life stuff such as transferring items with drag/drop, having an auto clicker and such.
    I am currently having a problem and have looked at guides but have no resolution in sight that I can see.
    I have a 1440p monitor and when I record a macro with mouse movement, no matter what mouse recording setting I use, it acts like its record a 1080p screen. This means when replaying the macro back it only plays in the top left corner of my main display (1440 screen).

    I am running a 3 monitor setup but Windows knows my 1440p monitor is a main display.
    All other functions of the macro work such as keystrokes but its only mouse movements that struggles to play back at all. Am I doing something wrong?
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