Razer wolverine ultimate/tournament edition Circularity error

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by eexotm, Nov 21, 2021.

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    So as you can see on the top, the controller has like a lot of errors, I am fine with it having errors on 4 sides( 4 sides being equal) but in this one if you look at the second top right, it is way far away from being equal to other sides. the left one too, the right bottom is way off compared to other sides. this is my second wolverine. First one I bought was a Wolverine ultimate, and had the same issue. now I bought a second one Wolverine Tournament. i still have the same issue. Anyone know why this happens? could it be a software issue?. I tried my old controller. they have errors but not this bad. Ill also show a picture from the razer app to explain it better.
    upload_2021-11-21_16-21-11.png .this is when I put the left stick to bottom right. you can see the space between the lines and the dot.
    upload_2021-11-21_16-21-46.png this is when I put the left stick to the top left. I'm pushing both of them hard as I can (without damaging the controller) you can see the space is way different.
    upload_2021-11-21_16-22-33.png this is bottom left. you can see its not equal

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