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Razor headset turns on Xbox X? Help!!

Discussion in 'Systems' started by baySmokyTopazfront288, Dec 20, 2020.

  1. Hi all,
    I have had my Razor Thresher wireless headset for a while now and enjoyed them on the Xbox one X but I have upgraded to Xbox series x and have found that I think they are turning the console back on after I power the console down. So, I turn off the X as usual with the controller and a few seconds later, it turns back on as does my controller except my controller doesn't connect with the X and I have to do a hard reset.
    The reason I think it's the headset is because there have been other instances where other wireless headsets have had the same effect (noticeably Arctis 9x). They have released a hardware update for their headsets which have mainly fixed their sets. Do Razor intend to do the same? Are there other instances of this happening to other people? Is there and hints/help that folks can give me to address this issue? I have spoken to Microsoft and they have said that some headsets are doing this but it's down to each company to put out a firmware update. Many Thanks all.
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  2. ZioFlat

    ZioFlat New Member

  3. FoundInMontreal

    FoundInMontreal New Member

    Same issue here. Is it possible to update the firmware?
  4. ZioFlat

    ZioFlat New Member

    Unfortunately, there's no firmware update at all for the Thresher for Xbox... at least, I didn't find it... Razer didn't even acknowledge the issue, for now, the Thresher is listed as fully compatibile with the new consoles on they site.
  5. Invi_HUN

    Invi_HUN New Member

    I got this too. Please fix it.
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