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Sila Wireless Mesh

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Keemosabee24, Oct 4, 2019.

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  1. Keemosabee24

    Keemosabee24 New Member

    So I have 3 Sila units spread across my home I started by setting up what I call my main unit. After that setup was complete I unplugged the second unit and plug in the 3rd unit and repeated the setup to add it to my wireless mesh no errors. I then moved the 3 units to their respective places in my home and plugged them in. After 45 seconds all units went green, and the Sila App reported as OK and the wireless mess was acceptable. Then 45 seconds later everything freaked out. I router logo went red and the entire wireless network was down. I finally had to unplug on of the secondary sila units to get my wireless next work back up.

    here is what I have 3 Sila units in Bridge mode. the master base unit has to wired LAN ports use 1-back to my home main 1 GB switch 1 to a XBOX, 1st secondary has 4 LAN ports in use 1 back to main 1 GB switch 1 to smart TV, 1 to PC and 1 to Xbox. 3rd unit has 2 LAN ports 1 back to 1 GB switch 2nd to network printer.

    What is happening when I plug in the 3rd unit that is freaking things out?
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