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[SUPPORT] Tartarus V2 d-pad switches failing (cross-post from Keyboards forum)

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Signet145, Nov 15, 2018.

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  1. Signet145

    Signet145 New Member

    Since I've not seen any official support / Razer staff respond to the lengthy thread on the Keyboard forum, I suspect it may be posted in the wrong spot. I'm hoping this Support Forum is the correct place. I'm looking for some general thoughts / help regarding this ongoing issue documented in this thread.

    4th Tartarus V2 just died (same issue, d-pad) - 11/15/18:
  2. Signet145

    Signet145 New Member

    So, is it safe to assume this isn't a place to get help on my issue either? Anyone have other ideas of how to get someone from Razer to respond, or at least acknowledge this problem exists?
  3. Tulukaruk

    Tulukaruk New Member

    Apparently not. I have made it a point to bring up the Tartarus V2 in ANY conversation I have with a support representative whether it is related or not. Short from one almost admitting that they are aware of the issue, the same story is received each time; they are unaware of any issues at the time.
Thread Status:
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