Synapse 2, Kraken 7.1 and OSX Catalina iMAC - Kraken not seen after update

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by S1KRRNL, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. S1KRRNL

    S1KRRNL New Member

    If I plug in my razer Kraken 7.1, initially Synapse 2 will recognise the headset and it will show up in the synapse screen, but with a notification to update (nothing else) in the lower device section. After pressing "update" it looks like an update is taking place (progress bar and completion message at the end). After clicking "OK" in the message box, the Kraken is not showing up in the device selection window of the Synapse 2 application. It does show with a left-click on the Razer icon in the menu bar and it let me switch on and off some items there:
    1. Bass Boost
    2. Sound Normalization
    3. Voice Clarity
    4. Ambiant Noise Reduction

    My keyboard and mouse are seen and fully configurable in the Synapse 2 app.

    If I connect the kraken to a Tablet running Synapse 2 on Windows 10, all if working fine. the kraken is visible and fully configurable.

    On the MAC I have:
    1. fully removed Synapse
    2. Performed an SMC reset
    3. Reinstalled Synapse (multiple times).
    4. Tried all USB ports on the iMAC.

    All to no avail. after clicking the "update button" for the Kraken, its gone and not to be seen anymore.
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