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synapse 3 cant log in

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by kingmob54, Jul 15, 2019.

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  1. kingmob54

    kingmob54 New Member

    Title says it all i keep trying to log into synapse 3 and it keeps coming up with an error and tells me to reload.
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  2. pranka

    pranka New Member

    Same here I even reset my password and wrote it down to make sure its correct. Razer always has good hardware but shit software
  3. kingmob54

    kingmob54 New Member

    Yea i thought my password was wrong so i reset it twice and then noticed the error message telling me to reload the page, is what I think it actually says
  4. Banefinger

    Banefinger New Member

    Same here and it's not the first time and not the last. Please create a local cache to let us lunch Synapse when there's a problem with Razer Central.

    Thank you
  5. kingmob54

    kingmob54 New Member

    yes, I hate that i cant use any of my custom buttons for games right now its stupid
  6. Nazareim

    Nazareim New Member

    Same problem
  7. TheDukester

    TheDukester New Member

    terrible trash software. there's always an issue. you would think testing the login would be basic in their QA
  8. Mrhyde73

    Mrhyde73 New Member

    same problem here
  9. Topshottax11

    Topshottax11 New Member

    Same issue
  10. RGDelta

    RGDelta New Member

    This is total BS I was playing Skyrim it minimized and wanted me to login and my profile changed to a default profile I don't even have anymore on my system and I cannot even continue playing because of this Login BS not letting me change my profile. This is total BS and needs to be fixed Yesterday. Also this software needs a offline mode incase this happens again so it will not interrupt gameplay like this.
  11. Nazareim

    Nazareim New Member

    Naga Trinity has a switch profile button that works if you uploaded your profile to your mouse. Other devices might have that feature too. Lighting settings don't come with it though.
  12. RGDelta

    RGDelta New Member

    unfortunatly the Tartarus v2 I have does not support it yay it is now working 30 min later
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